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Aging Parents

India Parenting and Values

Parenting basically denotes a Process that includes certain skills, techniques and methodology. It is a dynamic process that keeps on modified according to the changing ways of the society. It is mostly influenced…

Value Based Education in India

Need for value based education in India

Not many may immediately recollect the title of the poem in which William Wordsworth quoted “Child is the father of man.” But almost all of us have either heard or used the phrase…


Healthcare System and Health issues in India

‘Health’ does not only mean the state of devoid of illness but rather it refers to the state of holistic health, hygiene and care; it is the state of overall balanced well-being therefore….

Young India

Help the Deprived Indian Youth If you wish a Change

Youth, includes the individuals aged 15-24 and represents the 20 percent population of the nation. Youth of the nation is such a part of society which can do wonders and can bring big…

Aging Parents

Are the Parents truly educating their Children ?

The word ‘Education’ is said to be derived from few Latin terms ‘Educatum’, ‘Educare’ and ‘Educere’ which means ‘to teach’, ‘to bring up’ and ‘to take out’ respectively. In all these three terms…

Infant Deaths in West Bengal

Infant deaths in west Bengal

Crib deaths, infant deaths, child mortality, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)—call what you may—have assumed alarming proportions in West Bengal. Starting from October, 2011, there seems to be no cessation to the death…

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