Indian Hockey Federations Demands to Restore Status

The Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) has asked the India Olympic Association (IOA) to restore its status prior to 2008 as the sole governing body for hockey in India. This step was taken as an initiative in order to resuscitate the Indian hockey and settle the dispute that is threatening India’s participation in Olympics.

In course to find out a resolution to this issue, the IHF asked for restoration of its prior status so that there could be some long lasting solution to the existing problem haunting the Indian hockey. The trouble has gripped the Indian hockey for more than three years since IHF was disaffiliated from IOF. But now IHF has demanded to revoke this disaffiliation which is perceived to be the only way to find out a resolute solution.

Recently the International Hockey Federation (FIH) has indicated the threat that India could endanger its participation in the London Olympics hockey game if the problem was not solved soon enough. It was then that IOA and IHF came together to sort out the issue. Earlier the IOA was kept out of this issue when the Union Sports Ministry discussed this matter with the other hockey bodies to break the deadlock. But things did not seem to work out which is why IOA was asked to intervene if it could find some plausible solution to the issue.

The IHF wants India’s participation in the Olympics qualifiers to be a sure shot win and this is why it is fighting hard to revive the Indian hockey from the current position. The plans are of quite broader perspective which includes few changes in the members of the board.

Even the International Hockey Federation (FIH) has advised the Indian government that it should consider Indian Hockey Federation as the sole governing body for the hockey game in the country. This would also ease the India’s participation of hockey in various International competitions in future.

The Olympics qualifiers is scheduled to be organized in India, however the International Hockey Federation has threatened India that if the things with Indian hockey did not improve over the time, it would take away the Champions trophy given to Indian hockey and would not allow India hosting the Olympic qualifiers match. The FIH also contradicted the working organization of hockey bodies in India where two organizations that is the IOA and IHF could not be allowed to work simultaneously.

Though the IHF has demanded revival of its status, the IOA which has disaffiliated it is still having apprehensions on this issue. Above all, despite the fact that the decision still remains pending, there is a hope that Indian hockey would rise from the ground and get back its honor and pride which it once had. The only thing that is necessary at this point of time would be the support of people and media to once again spread its taste amongst the sports lovers.

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