Woman a Prey until Man Sees Her as a Human Being; Prostitution a Stigma

The story of women’s exploitation, humiliations, domination is not so short and new. There is not a single day when women don’t try to move forward and try to make their conditions better, but in this male dominated Indian society they always have been exploited and suppressed. Women have been bearing so many hurdles, they always have been a part of some struggle in their life and one another taboo that has trapped them so viciously these days is; Prostitution. Prostitution is a heinous act of selling sexual services such as sexual intercourse or oral sex in exchange of money. And women are the prime provider of such services willingly or unwillingly. A woman who sells sexual services is called a prostitute. Prostitution is not something new; in fact it has a long ancient history attached to it. And this not only a case of Delhi state, it is prevailing in almost every state of the nation today. In fact today, the whole world is burning the women into this fire of prostitution. Prostitution has basically emerged from the long ancient beliefs and traditions which dictate women as “devdasani” “jogini” “sexual servant” who were basically the dancing girls who used to entertain the lords in temples, kings and rulers. In ancient times of Greece prostitution was a part of daily life. Even during the time of Buddhism, tradition of devdasis was very much into the trend. Then a new fancy form of prostitution was introduced by Vatsyayana in Kama sutra which almost projected the woman as a being of entertainment and as the one who innovate the act of sex. Prostitution was still prevalent during the Mughal’s Empire where dancing girls got good opportunities to extend their prostitution and some were also migrated to many cities as well.

And this tradition of prostitution has not been finished rather its new definitions and terms have also emerged in the modern era. Now we have call girls, escort girls, gimmick prostitutes, new brothels, and religious prostitutes and so on. There are varied reasons for a rapid increase in the act of prostitution but the central reason of this; is the long established wrong and inhumane belief system of the society which states the woman as the most weak and helpless being. This belief system of the society refers the women as a creature that is born to serve others; she has a moral duty to entertain each and every relationship in her life. She is bound to live under the fences of the home and her major responsibility and duty is to make everyone happy around her and that follows from all the aspects; mentally, physically and socially. So when the foundation of the nation has such elements of beliefs and which uplift the male domination, then what other reason we may determine for seeing the increased tradition of prostitution in our present society?

Due to these false beliefs women have always witnessed so much of suppression, exploitation and humiliations. And due to this major false belief system only, women are raped, kidnapped, sexually harassed and forced to adopt prostitution, today. Society has not missed even a single reason to snatch the jewels of mental and social peace from the women. And in such a struggling life where women have been brought up with fear and false beliefs, they also begin to believe themselves as weak, servants and moreover an ‘object’ of entertainment. Other major reasons for this increase in prostitution; are poverty, unemployment, lack of education, bad company, social customs and lack of recreational facilities which somewhere force the women to go into the act of prostitution.

Prostitution is now a stigma on the Indian society which has now created a lethal vicious circle where is it extremely tough for the women to make an escape from.  More than thirty percent of the prostitutes forcibly enter into prostitution and surprisingly at very young age. There is an urgent and desperate need to reshuffle our belief system and need for real men who can actually come forward to remove this stigma from the society because it is a male dominated society and this stigma is an indirect insult for the nation.

  • SPREAD EDUCATION AND AWARENESS: Education cultivates a perception of a person and it also helps in building rational and wise beliefs. Education can surely help the society to break off this vicious circle of false belief system which supports the act of prostitution. Education introduces new definitions and new values which certainly demolish the old beliefs related to the prostitution.  Sex education is must in this concern. And where education can’t reach then we should try to spread awareness. Especially through the medium of media and NGO’s this task can be implemented. People must be educated and aware that prostitution is a stigma on society and nation and it is our duty to eradicate it, as soon as possible.
  • RESHUFFLE THE MENTALITY/BELIEF SYSTEM: there must be brought a drastic change in the way people of the society perceive the women. Women are nowhere indifferent. They deserve to lead a good life. They are not weak and helpless. Though no one can be a better care taker then women but they do it because of their humble nature. They also deserve the Right to Act and Right to Freedom. Women are beautiful creation of God who should be worshiped for their service and not being suppressed. Campaigning can be arranged to spread such awareness.
  • FINANCIAL AND SOCIAL SECURITY: there are many woman and girls who are being forced to adopt prostitution due to their poor financial and social condition. There must be quick Help lines and organizations/NGO’s where such women can contact quickly and can be employed in some work. This would make them financially and socially settled.
  •  HARD PUNISHMENT TO PIMPS AND BROTHEL OWNERS: The people who force a woman to prostitute and provide such an atmosphere both of them are punishable. There should be a long term imprisonment with heavy fine on both of the parties who facilitates such things. If that person is among the close relationships like husband, uncle, brother then a girl/lady should not hesitate to take the legal help.
  • PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Every person has some responsibility towards the removal of this stigma. Whenever anyone notices something unusual is happening around him/her should contact the police. If got to know about some hidden prostitution activities, one should inform the police about it. Never lend the rooms on rent without receiving all the information’s about the tenant because many cases have been revealed where tenants use their rooms as brothels.
  • REHABILITATION AND SELF-IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMMES: many a times when the girls and ladies are caught in some sex racket they tend to think that their life has end now. Their source of income is nil. But for such women, there should be arranged rehabilitation programmes where the prostitutes are encouraged to begin a new life devoid of shame and guilt. And also some self improvement programmes should be initiated where the young and aged prostitutes can raise their self-esteem and improve their mental level to recreate a better living for them and for their families once again. These women would become examples for other women who were once a victim of such a stigma.

If men cannot value women as human beings and see them as mere a body to play with, then there raises a big question on them; “Are they truly Human Beings”?

image source : Forbesindia

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