Water Problem in India and How to Solve it

We live in a society of many contrasts. Ours is a largest democracy and majority sections of our society are unfed and are deprived of basic privileges like fresh drinking water. Successive governments have their agenda to facilitate fresh drinking water to the rural corners from urban localities. Lack of fresh drinking water supply has been a bigger challenge since independence and many of our generation still face this problem which needs to be addressed.


Is the Water issue serious? 

The standard WHO reports keep our Indian citizens susceptible for many water-borne diseases due to drinking of contaminated water. Around 50% of our children are malnourished and are equally deprived of fresh drinking water. Their dependency of drinking water is from sources like lakes, wells and bore wells which are invariably not sources of fresh water in the form as it is available. Our people are innocent which is induced by poverty and illiteracy; they are not even aware of the methods to purify the water before drinking. Besides having great rivers like Ganges, Yamuna and Krishna which are known for good water in the form they exist, we have put ourselves in to situation where fresh drinking water is a crisis that we face every day. We need to take lessons from the past and learn to judicially utilize the natural resources that are not eternal resources. We may feel, we are paying for the mistake done by our past generation. But, we need to ask ourselves about our role in preserving the natural resource we have with us right now.

What are the credible solutions to ensure fresh drinking water?

 First and the foremost thing, we need to be aware of the problem completely. The elite and the fortune sections of our society should come forward share their resources and wisdom to collectively participate in order to find scalable and realistic solutions. Rain water harvesting methods are proven to be very effective in preserving the rain water that can be refined to be the useful water. We need to build water harvesting centers in our societies and keep the water facility open for our people. Some of us who are experts in dealing with processes like rain water harvesting and water purification methods should volunteer to go to villages and rural public to guide them on these essential practices. There is a lot of work to be done by us to create awareness among our people about the necessity of consuming fresh and purified drinking water. People at higher positions should persuade governments to fast track the fresh drinking water projects that include desalination of ocean water. Desalination of the water from the oceans can ensure the water scarcity is addressed for larger people groups living along the coastal belts in our country.

Our society can grow only by responsible sharing. Keeping resources to ourselves is not going to do any good for us rather create imbalances that lead to devastation. Fresh water can no more be a dream; it can be a reality through determination and responsible sharing.

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