Solutions to prevent rotting food grains in India

India is a perfect example of riches with poverty prevailing for the want of determination. Ignorance and inaction have been causing our county a great deal of discomfort as we are kept in the race of developing countries. India’s rich heritage has been associated with our affiliation with farming and crops that produce variety of wheat and paddy grain in great volumes. Our food exports have been on the peak ever since the green revolution that has lead to revolutionary farming practices, yielding great production in the agriculture sector.

India Rotting Grain

Our leaders from the time they are zygotes of politics to the times they reached the most matured positions have been talking about farmers and welfare related to agriculture. We all talk proudly about our agrarian society which leads the economy. Apart from acknowledging the fact that agriculture is of great significance in our country, we create electoral manifestos and government agendas that are presumed to be pro agriculture. By looking at the hype around the agriculture and farming ever since the inception of our country, we are given to assume that we Indians are feeding at least half of the world and it turns out true when we see our own countrymen and brotherhood are dying under starvation and our own children are malnourished, not fit enough to grow up to lead the largest democracy in the world. The tyranny which is the irony is here….this is India for you!!

What is the reason for this state of starvation and malnutrition?

ROTTING GRAINS and more of them…we have tons and tons of grain that has been rotten in the government go downs. Year after year, there are more concerns related to storage of grain in different depots available that are meant for grains. While most of them are closed and many of them are badly managed, rats do find their fortunes. It may be believed the grain that is not exported is left to rot apart from the grain that is being consumed by the private distribution system. Though the problem is identified, concrete solutions are not arrived to as yet. It is of course time to find solutions rather than to stay rhetorical.

Looking in to the solutions for rotting grains

  • Farmers and people related top agriculture should bring to notice of the media and social service organization about the go downs that are not maintained properly.
  • We need to look at utilizing the RTI to get the complete information on the operational procedures that are followed and bring the culprits to justice. They are responsible for killing our friends in many states.
  • We need to build value chains through effective supply chain management that can help reaching the grain to different points for public consumption from the depots.
  • Store houses are to be audited with the most stringent norms in place.
  • Newer models are to be adopted to have the grain collected from the fields after they are done with the refining procedures.
  • We need to explore new public private partnership models to help achieve more transparency and accountability.

In spite of shortcomings and misgivings in the past, we can be hopeful of the future as the awareness is being built among us. It is our responsibility to adopt newer strategies to achieve efficiency and accountability to ensure our brothers and sisters are taken care of. Preserving grain can be just a small step to start with.

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