Female foeticide: A crime against humanity

A saying goes “if you educate a boy you educate one person but if you educate a girl, you educate a family”. In spite of all the awareness and knowing the value of a girl in our society we have hardly moved an inch. We are talking about this matter even in the ages when many ladies and girls have surpassed their male counterparts in various fields. Shockingly enough even the highly educated and so called wealthy people are as interested in female foeticide as their illiterate fellows. Though it’s prevalent in some of the countries but in India the issue has grown manifold and nothing much has been done yet.

Stop Female foeticide in India

India is a place where people worship several goddesses and known for its paying respect to women and their status. If in such a country people do not welcome a girl child with open arms it is a matter of shame. Dowry, poverty and cost of education are the reasons for lower socio-economic background population whereas passing on the business, wealth, and carrying on the name are the reasons for upper class people why they prefer male-child to female child. Current child sex ratio is skewed in most of the states in India. The trio Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are the leaders while Tamil Nadu is not left behind. In India according to the latest survey there are only 914 girls per 1000 boys. The figures are alarming since the number is dropping continuously at a rapid pace. Add to this our cultural beliefs that a son is necessary to do age-old rituals like “shraddh” and obtaining “moksa”. In the era when people desire fewer children, having a son becomes all important to have that complete family feeling. The progression in medical science and technology concerning pre-natal sex determination technique has extensively and abhorrently been tainted or rather maltreated in the Indian conventional, traditional society. Still in the 21st century the blessing with a girl child barely brings cordial bliss in majority of the Indian societies. This medical development is inconsiderately used in carnage of the girl child in mother’s womb. In yesteryear, especially in urban areas the pre-natal diagnostic centres have mushroomed athwart the nation. Such development in medical science and technology has lowered the status of women in India

It’s of utmost importance to all of us to do the needful otherwise this problem will give rise to many more in near future. The very first thing is to create awareness through all the possible media. The mind-set of the people should be altered. Girl-child should have self-worth and her life should not revolve only around marriage and child-birth. Education is one step which goes together with independence in thinking. Girl-child should be motivated to carry responsibilities of their parents’ businesses while parents should be encouraged to make it work. Better quality of life of present generation girls and ladies will surely make way for better prospects of girl child. This includes equal share in property, free but quality education for all the girls and implementing anti-dowry laws. Setting-up new commissions dedicated to women’s rights can definitely help if run both at state as well as central level. Social-networking sites can make a huge difference by sharing importance of girl child and creating awareness about its importance. Not only women, even men who think likewise can come forward to help in creating a better future using these latest tools of social media. Government has also taken a remarkable step to put a stop to the killing of a girl child before birth using sex determination techniques by enforcing PRE-CONCEPTION AND PRE-NATAL DIGNOSTIC TECHNIQUES (PROHIBITION OF SEX SELECTION) ACT, 1994.

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