Eradicating Unemployment from India

Money is always a matter of concern and it is the basic factor which ultimately determines the standard of living. Being employed is not only a dream but also the right of every citizen in India. The lack of employment is one of the major issues in India and when the deserving don’t get employed, the matter obviously needs apex consideration. Unemployment is the phenomenon and a problem which is to be understood from different angles. India is really rich in terms of human resources but still we are a developing country and are remaining with the same status since years. The life of people who are either fully unemployed or partially employed many times is pathetic. We cannot claim our country as a welfare state as long as the problem of unemployment remains unsolved.

Everyone knows that India is a thickly populated nation. Population is always increasing by a very large number and at a random pace. However the country is not in a position to provide jobs to all those citizens effectively. Jobs and other gainful avenues can’t be provided in the required proportion and thus a major section of the population remains unemployed. Even the education system of our country is also a major factor responsible for the problem. We have many educated persons unemployed. Only in our country such highly educated people fail to find a job. Many of the graduates who pass out every year are fit only for office work and not for any other work. The impact of unemployment on our society is very huge. Unemployment leads to poverty, it deprives a person of all the sources for income and as a result, the person grows poor. It also causes numerous social problems such as theft, dishonesty, bribery; gambling etc. The social security of our nation is disturbed. Another major problem caused by unemployment is political instability. Unemployed persons consider the government as worthless which can’t provide them any work. Extreme effects of unemployment on the citizens of our country include drug addiction, frustration and even suicides. Disturbances and disorders increase in our society. Our country can’t be developed politically, economically or socially, unless the problem is fully solved.

Thus our country is in a great need to solve the problem of unemployment. The government should take essential steps to check the problem. We know that actually this problem is clearly an economic problem. So it is very necessary to overhaul our country’s economic policy. Labor is abundant in our country. They should be provided employment through small-scale cottage industries or any such industries. More focus should be kept on vocational and technical education. The present system of bookish education must be discouraged to some extent. Awareness classes on family planning should be also conducted. In such ways the government should check the rapid increase of population. These measures could surely help us to solve this problem of unemployment. It is the moral responsibility of any government to bestow the people with the highest possible standard of living. And the provision of a secured employment is the primary need to attain the noble goal.

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