Reasons Behind Indian Women’s Stress

Educating Indian women folk has proven to be a vital step in making India one of world’s rapidest growing economies. But recent researches show this dynamo has signaled stress signs in Indian women. If Nielsen survey is to be believed, conducted among 6,500 women residing over 21 different countries, reports that 87% Indian women feel stressed most time, and 82% claim they don’t even get any time for relaxation, so Indian ladies are most stressed in today’s world.

Juggling multiple activities, whether at work, or at home, switching roles from a perfect house maker to new age’s careerist women isn’t that easy for Indian women. In one hand career scopes for Indian women is rapidly increasing and on other hand social customs disagree to change enhancing the family expectations more.

 Indian women falling in age group 25 to 55 are the most stressed out ones, in their act of balancing high-peaked careers with obligations from home, they end up in being more stress.

India’s traditional family structure and society forces an unequal effect on its women whether urban or college educated professionals, or first generation women having a great career. Indian women faces unreasonable demands from their relatives as an Indian woman is expected to match to ideal wife or daughter’s paradigm or must perform all the duties of an ideal daughter in law.

Many interviews of successful Indian women points out the fact, that many has to actually wake up sharp at 4:30 in the morning for making breakfast or lunch for their children, even for parents in law, then work for the whole day, and even after returning home have to cook dinner for her family.

Ambitious Indian women frequently feel the need to over compensate their work for countering ingrained pre-conceptions regarding their prior commitment and also to survive the competition. One senior finance executive even quoted that one common motion prevails that a woman works until she marries, and women aren’t long term resources. But putting long hours of work and volunteering business trips to prove one’s worth which is taken as conventional method for pacing their career doesn’t always seem possible.

Despite Indian engineers’ technological prowess and Indian outsourcing companies, plus India’s infrastructure isn’t that sophisticated to aid telecommuting or work from home arrangements on large scale basis. Plus in firms actually enabled with such facilities doesn’t consider it to be the right or ethical thing to practice, especially if anyone is serious to race up the corporate-ladder.

Such stresses result in severe ramifications in India’s economic growth. Greater than 55% Indian women who have given interviews have termed their workplaces biased compelling the women to scale back their careerist goals, to reduce their engagement or ambition and ultimately forcing them to quit altogether. Even more discussions are taking place to assist Indian women to hold their say regarding how their companies may help them with their work and life balance.

Women contribute in Indian finance, pharmaceutical research, Information Technology, and various other industries driving India’s economic growth. Easing their stresses which may prevent them reaching their complete potential in their work is supposedly a smart policy for firms to attract Indian women and retain its key talent.

Image source : IndianExpress

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