Need to Bring a Spiritual Revolution in India

Spirituality is not a concept; it is rather a reality and an art of living. It is the fundamental knowledge of the eternal truth. It is the eternal knowledge of Being and the Universe. It can be described as to make a deep realization of one’s self/being. Being spiritual depicts that the person is exploring the eternal truth and directly connected with the pursuit of self realization. Though there are numerous of visions and perceptions being attached with spirituality but it can easily be understood by knowing the basic purpose of it and also by knowing what it is not. Spirituality is not a religious rigidity neither it is a condemnation of personal views. Spirituality makes a person internally enlightened, awakened and aware. It does not limits the being rather makes it free. It clarifies the vision of the being and connects him with the ultimate source of purity and peace. Spirituality is far above the man made ideologies and neither is it biased for the same. Its basic purpose is to make the being; realized of the eternal truth; the truth which is unbiased, non-contradictory and that which liberates.

There is a very fine line which differentiates spirituality from religion and ironically today, we all are deliriously trying to shade off the significance of spirituality by first of all misunderstanding the purpose of religion and secondly by underestimating the actual purpose of spirituality.  India is great country of saints and great thinkers. India is a pious land that has given numerous of spiritual thinkers and Gurus to the world around. Naming only a few over here would be self-demeaning but Tulsidas, Kabir, Yogi Paramahans, Vivekanand, Sri Aurobindo, Osho these few are among the great spiritual thinkers of India who were not only enlightened but they spread out their realization and knowledge to the mass and showed the awakened path to the people. The people of India have forgotten the great contribution of all these spiritual masters who taught them to lead the life with ultimate peace and bliss. Today there is a desperate need to awaken the long asleep realization of mankind and to understand how much it is important to follow spirituality in life!

Spirituality stands on the pillar of divine values, positivity and morality; it makes one aware of his/her internal yet basic personality. Spirituality makes the purpose of life visible and clarifies the reason behind the existence. It brings enlightenment in life. Hence it is easily being apprehensible that how much there is a need to bring a spiritual revolution in the present Indian society. None of us is being ignorant of the terrible and pathetic condition of the mankind today. They are tired, frustrated, anxious and traumatized and therefore there is a deliberate need to reshuffle the way they believe, think, act and implement. People need to just refresh their beliefs.  It is now enough of superficial thinking, it is the time to think and act on the core level, enough of selfishness and ignorance. Time has come to stand together, to realize the commonality among each one of us and to realize the brotherhood among all. And this is nothing but called as the “Spiritual Revolution”spiritually inclined people are enlightened and they have the power to think and act wisely. Their actions and beliefs are undoubtedly more profound and prolific than the other people. They are able to think in a broad way. They have a deep realization of life and moreover they have a realization of their own selves. They know well the purpose of their lives and they are much more focussed. Their actions are rational and influenced with the divine features. These all are the few good remarks, spirituality makes in someone’s life. Hence if spirituality is seriously being brought into the lives of the people then the picture of the present society can surely be transformed in a better way. Then it is feasible to predict a society whose foundation is laid down on the basis of divine features, harmony, brotherhood and compassion for each other.

Spiritual revolution is the demand of present time. The way people are leading their lives is no way healthy and prosperous. So much of competitions, bullying, fights, in fact terrorism is also one of the biggest outcome of the agitation among the mankind. People literally believe in snatching the things today. Internally, the human beings are totally hollow there is no peace and bliss and the minds are overloaded with so many vices (ego, anger, greed and lust). If the society and the nation truly want to bring forth a change then for the time being they have to build up trust in Spirituality and divert their attention from too much of Professionalism and Individualism. Life is no more peaceful and joyful. Everyone is mislead from the right path, increased number of crimes certainly depicts that the human beings are so much disturbed! They are no more content and patient. Everyone wants to vomit out their irritations and tensions and in the extreme cases it takes the form of heinous crimes. People have lost their rationality and wisdom power. They are just wandering here are there in the search of peace and happiness but finding no certain way for the same. They are blaming each other but no one is ready to take the personal responsibility to bring the change. And here Spirituality can do miracles! It can bring the down the agitation of the mankind and can direct the human minds in the righteous direction.

Following are the ways with which Spiritual Revolution can be brought into a reality :

 NEW VISION TOWARDS SPIRITUALITY: first of all it is must to clarify that spirituality is not only meant for thinkers, saints and philosophers only. Spirituality is a way to lead the life. It is the highest and the ultimate knowledge which each and every human being deserves to be attained. Spirituality simply means to connect oneself with divinity and highest knowledge. One must be acknowledged with the real and true nature of his/her identity and only spirituality conveys this knowledge to the being. Spirituality reveals the ultimate truth that we all are eternally Souls and belongs to the One Father who is The Supreme Being. Now this knowledge is no where misleading rather this would help the mankind to wash away all the earlier rigid beliefs which have been making them stubborn and fixed. Spirituality neither makes you run away from your family and friends nor makes you boycott from the society rather it wakes you up to make your life and relationships peaceful and happy.

ADOPTION OF SPIRITUALISM IN EDUCATION AND PARENTHOOD: the role of education should not be taken in a light way because it builds up a Character. Right education at the right age is always beneficial for the right development of the being, since it gives a shape to the social, personal and moral aspect of the individual. In today’s tough time where everyone is too much trapped into the web of materialism, children are more prone to get attracted towards the materialistic face of life. Moral and divine values and positive features are almost alien for the new generation because their parents are already too much engrossed in materialistic life. And the result of such kind of life is already in front of each one of us. There is no harmony between parent and the child, the bonding is not strong at all. Patience level in both parents and the children is reducing day by day, every day there are arguments and conflicts. Hence there should be some input of moral and divine values in the education system and in the parenthood as well.

  • Children of today have enough knowledge of technologies, etiquettes , rules and regulations but they are ignorant of their own reality, they are ignorant of the purpose of their lives and what their focus in life is, and only spirituality can enable them to realize the ultimate truth and knowledge which is easy and deserve to be attained. Education system should therefore make this remarkable addition by introducing spiritualism in the curriculum that conveys the divine and spiritual knowledge to the children which makes them aware, enlightened and awakened beings. Good aware teachers should be appointed to teach them spiritual knowledge and children should be taught in a way that they get inspired to explore the truth of “who am I”? And they should not at all be made religious biased. They should be taught in a universal manner and not in a particular religious way.
  • At homes parents should try to give a pious and divine atmosphere to the children. They should try to inculcate divine virtues in their children. There should be a peaceful and harmonious communication between the child and the parents. In fact the parents should try to become an n example of virtuous personalities for their kids. Parents should motivate their children to read books which convey positive thinking. Parents should first think and act positive in front of the children, kids would automatically start following them.

SPIRITUAL ENHANCEMENT NOT POLITICIZATION : spiritual enhancement should be commenced by concerned and enlightened hands. It is not a matter or issue that needs to be politically handled neither any politician has any role to play in this. in fact spirituality is something which is un-biased else even today religion has also being modified, customized and politicised for the sake of money and power. Society needs spiritually enlightened masters and thinkers who can take the lead and can guide the people of the society in a righteous way. There is no need to create any fuss or dirty politics games in the name of spiritual transformation. There is just and just a need to have awakened individuals and another person who has a thirst to explore the hidden layers of knowledge and truth. Once the person is internally enlightened the society would itself begin to transform.

In this fast growing time we all are becoming sound in many ways and especially in a materialistic way! We have facilities, comforts and many other temporary zombie things but somewhere down the line the internal harmony of each one of us is getting drastically disturbed. There are so much of agitation, turmoil, frustrations, vices, competitions, crimes, terror, fights and clashes among all of us and ironically we want peace and happiness at the end of the day. Moreover the societal atmosphere is depleting day by day. Crimes, terrorism are rapidly increasing. Ignorance has deliberately trapped the whole world and therefore there is a need to take a pause to think over the root cause of all this mess in the society. The central figure in this whole scenario is the Human Being that has to make all the transformations and implement the changes. The human beings are internally weak and depleted and need a source of energy and peace. When the human being is motivated and enlightened from within then only we can think of some transformation in the society. Spirituality should become a part of life in the present society and this would be the first initiative towards the big transformation.

Spiritual revolution is an endeavour to transform the inner world of the mankind, and once the inner world is synchronized the outer would automatically be”.


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