Identity Crisis; Women The Biggest Victims

Identity of a person is comprised of his/her thoughts, ideas, ideologies, thinking and behavioural patterns. The ways a person thinks and acts is what we understand by his/her Identity. We all have our own definitions and ways to define our identity. Not only we include our thoughts and ideas but also our physical and professional aspects or features when it comes to define the identity. We tend to feel that the physical features and professional designations and status uplift one’s identity. But these factors are temporary and bound to change at a certain point of time. What is more fundamental here are the thoughts ideologies and behavioural patterns of a person which once are cultivated and constructed, rarely do change.

When the person underestimates and condemns his/her identity, is called Identity Crisis in simple terms. Here we all can understand it well that when the person underestimates and condemn his/her thoughts, ideas and actions that person is said to be suffering from identity crisis. In such a situation the person is not at all contented with whatever he/she doing and feels that his/her thoughts, ideas and actions are all in vain. This problem might be disastrous for a person if continued for a long run in life and can only be rectified with a medical treatment at its acute phase. Because in identity crisis a person looses whole self-confidence, self-appraisal, faith in self and every hope to become a better human being. The person tends to compare his/her life with others and surprisingly feels that everyone else around, is certainly in a better condition and it’s only his/her life which is wholly miserable. Identity Crisis is basically a psychological problem which is highly prevailed in Indian society and the greatest victims of such a disastrous problem are the women!

Today we witness that the greatest victim of this problem are the women and especially the women who live in urban cities. In urban cities life is changing drastically. So much of competitions, comparison and new terms of professionalism are being introduced and women are nowhere untouched from these factors. As the urge to become equal to men increasing among women, the feeling of competitions and rat race are also increasing among the women. And this competition is now not only limited between men and women but also among women. Every woman wants to flourishes high and higher. She wants to be economically, socially, physically and professionally sound which is quite commendable. But those women who really cannot fulfil their aspirations are the ones who suffer from the identity crisis to utmost. Those women, who stay at home due to many reasons, tend to perceive them as inferiors than the women who are working and move out of their homes. And this is happening only in the developed and urban metro cities. Since women are the only care takers of family they build up their own limitations because they cannot even neglect their families and children. There is an emotional factor among the women which also pulls them back to stay at home first and doesn’t allow them to move out of their homes to fulfil their aspirations.

Identity crisis is only being witnessed with the women who are very much ambitious but they do not have favourable conditions to fulfil their aspirations and hence they build a web of inferiority, comparisons and sometimes depression for them, which grows gradually and make them more trapped day by day.

The only solution for identity crisis is to raise one’s self confidence and self-appraisal. Those women who stay at home and they should take it as their biggest ability. Managing the home and family is not less than a full time job. But making oneself comfortable in a small zone is not also being advised here. Every woman must realize and search for her talents and specialties. Staying at home should not jinx her talent. There must a deep realization of talent and skills. Every woman is a blessing and unique as a person. She can possess as many skills as she wants. She should keep herself busy in productive activities which give a boost up to her skills and confidence. She can do and learn many new things everyday if she really willing to do so. Comparing oneself with the working women is not the solution because this would lead women to many other psychosomatic problems. A house wife should try to find out her talents like writing, painting, cooking, dancing, singing, handcrafts, networking and many other things and if she wants she can excel in her talent as well and can also make her talent as her career. There are always many opportunities open for a person but what matters is to have confidence, faith and appraisal in one’s self.

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