Honour Killing is a Matter of Dishonour

Honor killing the name itself implies that it is homicide in the name of “reputation” of a family or a society. But how can someone justify the carnage of a member of a family or a society by other members for the mere reason of bringing so-called disrespect or dishonor to the family or society at a large. The most prominent victims of “honor killing” are the women and the girls but off late though very rarely men have also become a victim of the same.

The brutal homicide of girls and women in the name of “honour killing” has become an agonizing report on the first few pages of the news papers on a daily basis. It is a shameful act that is been carried out in a nation like India where women are worshiped as “GOD” in several forms. A girl who does not want to enter into marital relationship with an unknown person or a person of her parents’ choice, or wants divorce from an obnoxious spouse or simply talks with an individual who is not her next of kin and just a known person, is being brutally killed in the name of swabbing out the accredited blemish on the family or society. These accusations have no legal basis; rather they are based on tittle-tattle of a few sadists. Most of the cases of honour killing take place in the states of Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab etc.

The undesired killing of a woman who does not follow the well thought-out conduit and wants to live a life of her own choice is law made by society. The Law of the land does not stop a girl from entering into a marital relationship with a person of her choice or receiving divorced from an obnoxious husband or even talking to a man outside her relations. All these compulsion are made by the society. The Constitution of India has sanctioned certain fundamental rights. Article 21 provides for “Right to Life and Personal Liberty”. Every human being has a fundamental right to life, which does not  connote a life of a mere animal subsistence rather it should be a life of worthy living ; to live a life with human dignity. The practice of mere carnage of a girl or a woman for not following the conventional societal norms veiled under the name of honor killing is thinning the veracity and position of a female. “Right to Equality and Equal Status for all” is under Article 14 of the Constitution which is yet another fundamental right sanctioned to every citizen of the nation. There comes a big question mark when it comes to honor killing. The victim who is a female is not even given an opportunity to prove herself and even mere assertions are enough to elicit this reprehensible practice.

It is now time to put our hands together to stop this disgraceful act of honour killing. Women should be given equal status as that of their male counterparts in the society. A change in the ideologies of the society is the call of the hour and this is only possible by educating the masses. Media here is capable of playing a vital role in creating awareness among the people. Government should now come forward by making stern laws against it and should punish the perpetrator with severely. It is an earnest appeal to the Government to take steps against such a reprehensible practice that has brought nothing except for shame and disgrace to the society.

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