The issue of Domestic Violence in India

One of the issues which exist and is mounting at a steady rate and still not completely addressed is domestic violence. According to a recent survey it was established that out of every 5 women, 3 have been prey of domestic violence in India. Unfortunately most women don’t even realize that they are the victim of this social evil and many do not acknowledge. Domestic violence is now pervasive and has been see in all classes’ strata and race weather it is the lower middle or the higher class. Sadly enough, even the educated and the so called sophisticated classes have been engaged in this form of violence. India being a country where in people still like to live like a happy family at many time simply pay no heed to such issues and frequently skirmish it under the veil without realizing that it could have its own sever impact in the future. Women in our country are still considered to be the fairer sex and it has been witnessed that it is the lady of the house which has to go through all the heat which may even lead to alarming consequences such as suicides, depressions or low self esteem.


In order to abate this serious ill, it is important for one partner to give equal respect and freedom. In case of joint families it is important for each one to realize that every member should be treated in a proper manner and one must have the freedom to enjoy its self belief .Imposition of norms and conduct often leads to heated arguments and therefore domestic violence. Rules must be laid in such  a manner ,so that each one feels comfortable .The women often becomes so vulnerable that she is force on not o speak about the problem or address it and with time learns to cope with the situation. This not only gives encouragement to continue with domestic violence but also does not realize that what has been happening is not in the interest of the house. Hence it is very important to address the issue in a right way so as to combat domestic violence. The belief that, by keeping quite or simply taking all the brunt on one single person is not a right approach, it may serve as a short term solution but may lead to future complexities.

Yelling or shouting in front of family member or friends, abusing or threatening are few of signs of domestic violence. Many times the situation may get so intense that an individual may start throwing household item in the fit of rage. Many women often have to seek permission for every little thing, may also be considered as an act of domestic violence. In India especially among the lower class women are treated as an object of sexual pleasure. Most of these acts are a consequence of lack of education and this is the prime reason as women are brought up in a manner which may be a problem in itself. Hence first and foremost thing is to recognize the common signs of domestic violence and then address them. Once recognized and addressed there are various solution to combat domestic violence .The most effective solution is to calm down and talk to the person who is responsible for domestic violence. There may be cases where in an expertise or a medical help may be required. Don’t be inpatient as this may turn out to be a slow process and may require some time to heel up situations. Never treat yourself as a punching bag or a door mat and always learn to respect others but most importantly yourself.

Domestic violence is not something that you need to live with perpetually. Do not fail to notice or refute the problem and look for professional help if required. No one should live in fear and no one can refute your happiness. Help is offered, if you look for it.

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