Crime Against Women in India

Crime against women is growing in India and it has been reported that in the year 2006, there were over 32000 murders, 19,000 rapes, 7500 dowry deaths and 36500 molestation cases. The number of these crimes has increased in the recent years and several cases of dowry deaths, murders, rapes, molestation, etc are reported every day. Unfortunately, India ranks 4th in the World among the most unsafe nation for Women. Isn’t this a matter of shame? India is a nation, where once women were given the status of equal to men and it is the same nation which worships Goddess in various forms. However, today women are treated not as a human being rather as a material object and they fall victim of several crimes and violence. We often talk about women empowerment but rapes and other Violence against women have become a regular issue. Many young girls are falling victims of rapes and molestations not only in cities but also in rural areas.

These increasing crimes against women in India, reflects the law and order of the nation. The Government and other authorities keep playing blame games every now and then but do not take any step to improve the present condition of the nation. The national Capital of India, Delhi, is considered as the most unsafe city for women. As a matter of fact, the national crime rate declined by .02 % in 2006 but seemed to have increased in the National Capital, Delhi. What is the Indian Government doing?  Why aren’t they taking any step to protect the women of our nation, which constitutes almost half of India’s population? Rapes are increasing even more than before and in recent time, Haryana have also turned out to be one of the most unsafe states of India as several teenage girls and women were raped. A report says that almost 18 women fall victim of various crimes every hour in different parts of India. This has really turned out to be a matter of major concern for the whole nation.

These crimes against women can be solved by reforming our society. The gender discrimination that still exists in our society needs to uprooted from the society. The want of a male child owing to various superstitions are creating the discrimination and the patriarchy that exists in our society is another cause of it. Women are most often treated as a material object and in order to show the masculinity, most men indulge in forceful sex and women as well as young girls fall victims of it. The reformation of our society is the need of the hour, where people should be taught about the importance of women and respect them. Apart from the change in the society, the Government should make stern laws to protect the women folk of India from falling victims of crimes. Making laws is not just enough, they should be implemented properly and people should as well follow it with diligence. Media should as well come forward to stop the crimes against women and help in making India a safe nation instead of making India a home of horrifying crimes against women.

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