Commodification of women in Indian Movies

Commodify women and you get your money is what the movie industry has been at belief in India for decades. The changing moral code as what they call is always initiated by the movies in India. There have been many wild and crazy arguments in our society that support this kind of commodification. While some say the women are celebrating their sexuality and others slip away from responsibility by preaching the idea of selective watching. Our Indian has been cursed by the angry of women and the Bollywood cannot shy away from its responsibility. We, as responsible citizens can subjectively analyze this issue and take necessary measures to portray our women in the most respectable way possible.

Commodification of women

There are many filmmakers in our country who believe in responsible movie making. There are many others who are interested in making money by showcasing the stuff which is attractive and sells fast. We need to give up those cheap ways of presenting certain ideas by the women at the disposal of such ideas. These ideas should do not have any scope in our society. We need to stand against the regulatory that has been relaxing the norms based on the demand generated by the industry for lot many commercial reasons that are compelling.

Instead of presenting the women as sales tools, we should use the movies to create awareness among the youth to respect women as our culture. There should be no room for movies that have their trailers planed with the nudity and explicit scenes from the movies. They serve as teasers as they call it and are more popular among the growing youth. Youth should be oriented against these misguiding measures. The idea is always simple as in if there is any part of the movie that needs to showcase an explicit way, such portions can be better represented without essentially showing our Indian women in a demeaning way. The truth is that the Indian audience, especially our youth are not completely matured enough to view, interpret and ignore the nudity in movies. They have the tendency to aspire and repeat such incidents in their real life as well. Keeping the sensitivity and vulnerability of our youth, we should only encourage responsible filmmaking. Women can be represented with dignity and as confident professionals which over the period of time will change the impressions created in the past.

Commodification will not stop till the time our youth stop providing the movie makers with the audience as they readily see in the growing teenage segments. We need to have right perspective about sexuality and women to make a beginning at some point in time. The youth help groups should engage actively in helping our youth to understand sexuality in a better way than shown in various movies. We need to join hands with welfare and women’s activist groups to force government to come out with strict regulations that will ensure healthy entertainment.

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