Do not vote for congress if Jan Lokpal bill not passed: Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare, the Anti-corruption crusader says that he would travel to all the five election bound states in India as a part of his campaign for the Jan Lokpal Bill. While addressing a press conference at his home place Ralega on siddhi, Anna said that the time has come to make Jan Lokpal Bill a reality and make this country corruption free.

Anna Hazare blames Congress completely for not passing the Jan Lokpal Bill and is planning to visit the election bound states and ask the people there not to vote for Congress unless it passes the Jan Lokpal Bill. He says that the government is quite reluctant on their stand to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill and therefore it should not be allowed to win any elections. He says he is waiting for the winter session of parliament to take place and would start the campaign if the Bill was not passed in the session. The campaign would be started from Uttar Pradesh.

In the campaign he would go on for a three day fast in Lucknow before the Uttar Pradesh elections. He also stated that he would ask people to vote against Congress in Hisar bypolls if the Bill is not passed. His main motto of the campaign would be creating awareness in people that Congress is not really keen in passing the Jan Lokpal and there they should not vote for it.Anna says that he and his team have got the letters of support from Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and various other parties on Jan Lokpal Bill. But he rubbishes the allegations that he is supporting any of the parties. He says he would not support any political party unless any of them actually works on passing of the Bill.

The veteran activist also says that he and his team are not very keen into joining politics and contesting elections. He says he wants to be one of the common men and fight against the odds prevailing in the country. Even Arvind Kejriwal, the team Anna’s top member claimed that he is not keen on joining politics. He also ruled out any possibility of the team Anna’s members venturing into politics.Arvind Kejriwal on asking about his and the team’s political views said they were not apolitical but they would refrain from contesting any elections and joining politics.

Anna on the other hand has clarified his stand on all the political parties including BJP, that his opposition to the Congress should not be misinterpreted as his support to the BJP and others. Stressing on this point he also criticized Gujarat Chief Minister, Modi’s government in connection with the arrest of suspended IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt. However BJP on the other hand has stated that Anna has been misinformed on the Sanjeev Bhatt’s issue.

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