Degradation of Indian Politics

India the world’s largest democracy, comprises of largest number people having franchise rights, also has maximum political parties participating in the election campaign. In India on average 26 candidates compete for 543 territorial seats of constitution. Whether State level or national level election, all the leading political parties are battling hard for gaining public attention.

Each one of this parties has their own political agenda, some claims to be secular, some are communists, some even claim to struggle for social, economical rights for people of their respective communities, but all of them somehow end up giving priority to their own selfish motives first and making complete mockery of Indian democracy. Although India survived as one single state having democratic character, but still numerous political problems exist in India.

Moreover with passing time, Indian politics have undergone a worrisome drift with declining standards, and this isn’t due to destabilizing economic difficulties or any popular social unrest. As a result of the social anarchy, discontent among society continues, grievances come up owing to India’s unbalanced economic-growth. This unavailability of direction primarily prevails owing to today’s stagnant state in Indian politics.

No strong purpose, or fresh vitality or even inspirational energy can be noticed in any part of current political spectrum. So much so that no leading Indian political party whether BJP or Congress can provide any real hope among Indian citizens. Increasing mutual antagonism among the parties is even making matters real worse, which every time becomes even more prominent by the storm created in parliamentary sessions.

The condition of the regional parties is equally poor in the context of making any mark nationally.

These parties work in their own states, and they don’t critically determine health of India’s central politics. Even influence and national footprint of both communist parties had shrunk enormously, owing to fossilization of ideology of these parties. Their future appears even bleaker than current situation. Socialist movement used to be a persuasive voice once and considered a influential factor in India’s politics seem to have been vanished also. Almost total absence of an ideal commemoration is supposedly a saddest commentary. In course of time, effortlessly we have managed to forget many of original political visionaries of modern Independent India.

Its about time, India should get its share of constructive politics. Indian politicians instead of playing their blame games against their fellow politicians from opposition parties, should realize their responsibilities with which Indian public has entrusted them upon. Politicians must not play with people’s patience, and it’s their work to take India towards development and economic prowess.

Nowadays Indian media is very alert too, constantly monitoring every activity all over India, working as an eye opener to Indian politicians. Most recent incident of Anna Hazare, the social activist going on hunger strike for sanction of his version of Jan Lokpal Bill, actually compelled Indian government to agree to all his demands, and a single man’s fight against corruption rendered an entire Indian government run by so many elite politicians silent. Thus Indian politicians must take a lesson now, and make every vote of Indian people count. If public gets really agitated, they can go to any extent to stop any anarchy.

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