Arvind Kejriwal and Indian Politics

Robert Vadra , Salman Khurshid , Nitin Gadkari , Mukesh Ambani & Anil Ambani. The domain & range of targets of this vibrant IITian Ex-IRS Officer makes me wonder, if he is an incarnation of the legend “Bhagat Singh”, some may disagree but upon closer observation and continued analysis you would realize that he is better than Anna Hazare in terms of his oratory, his DEVOTION & his acumen, he may not have that good image, atleast not as good as Mr. Hazare, but that probably is on the account of Mr. Hazare’s Seniority level and Old age, Afterall winning Asia’s Nobel Prize isn’t an accomplishment merely on the basis of contacts or by fluke.

Ramon Magsasay Award awarded by Govt. Of Philippines, for his contribution to bring about RTI act into this country of rampant corruption.

First of all, his dedication and hardworking nature needs no proof, for he cleared IIT in an age where there was no trend of Tuitions & Coaching Centres, Thereafter when he felt that the country is for the masses and not for those self centred corporate houses, he jumped into Indian Revenue Services(IRS) so that he could bring about some change at his level.

Last year was a great year in the history of Free India, 4 ministers of the ruling party went to receive Baba Ramdev at the airport, and we could feel the pulse of young nation throbbing, resenting at the indignation and outrageous scale of corruption that was felt but never was substantiated to a quantifiable level, which had kept us self involved. But the moment the Trio Mr. Anna Hazare, IPS Kiran Bedi & Mr. Arvind Kejriwal came forward, the entire 121 crore minus the politicians and their relatives knew it was time to bring the change, little did we know, we were fighting against decades of Diplomatic experience and strategies by the people who could put Chameleon to shame. Lokpal Bill which had been loaded with umpteen no. of anticipations wasn’t even allowed to pass and both the parties played the blame game, our dear Anna Hazare couldn’t believe how narrowly it eluded from our hands. So once again after a no. of requests they realized it was time to repeat the performance but this time the population wasn’t so willing, it felt cheated and naturally as negative vibes and mindset are much more infectious this time not even half the crowd came forward to support the movement, when Hazare ‘G’ had proclaimed he would fight to his death had surrendered and reneged on the grounds of his medical conditions, No Doubt it was NOT an excuse but it certainly was contradictory to his previous public declaration, it was then when Arvind Kejriwal came forward to stir the masses through his ‘Anshan’, everyday on the news we could see him getting paler and paler, his face shrivelled up resembling an undernourished labourer, labourer he was, for he had the same spirit and dedication, just that majority couldn’t recognize it, and mistook it for his political ambition, little did they see that an IRS Officer could have contested an election long ago, he too could have stocked a lot of black money if he so desired BUT he didn’t(Probably because he had that plan all along? To participate in a nation wide revolution, wait for it to fail and then next year launch his political party! Beats our Chess Master Vishvathan Anand in Strategic Planning).

We the homo-sapiens are born cynics, when people they can’t do something, they put the same bar on the rest, claiming that No One can do it to protect their own ego, their own vanity.

As an age old adage goes ‘we judge the world, more so as, who WE are intrinsically’.

Mr. Hazare turned his back despite the fact that he himself had recommended to obtain public opinion and do accordingly, about the decision of whether to form a political party or not, and even when the masses voted in favour of the party he still denied, (which probably suggested that he never wanted to do it in the first place but had to say so in order to present himself as ‘Representative of the Public Opinion’) may be because he was afraid that he will have his image maligned if he enters into the political arena or may be some other reason which we can’t fathom as laymen continually being fed by Yellow page journalism.

Kejriwal was deserted in the middle of nowhere, but being a true IITian he knew, he has to find his way out on his own, he had to bring the change and he needed media so to gain media he had to give them something substantial to cover which could rev up their TRPs and somewhere deep down he also had a bit of faith that may be the accused may get indicted, he formed a team, making an intensive research about all the scams and frauds that were veiled long ago, the first was Robert Vadra (Now that’s what we call being Lucky) who could shoot from chasm to zenith in such a less time, Arvind kejriwal showed all the necessary proof to make it more than obvious about how CONGRESS is all about Nepotism, yet nothing could be done, next was Salman Khurshid’s Handicap Fund embezzlement scam, once again, he mouthed all the possible scenarios that could happen, probably we never saw a reformer who could be so forthright and candid about everything, being threatened to death, being compared to Rakhi Sawant, being compared to mosquito, not a single time did he loose his composure and that’s what makes him even more revered. He told about Reliance misuse of national resource, he disclosed Black money Swiss account details BUT our so called leaders had renounced their conscience long time ago, probably when they realized how being a politician is the best means to satiate all the whimsical desire, and when they became a psychological slave of greed to a despicable obnoxious extent. We the common masses keep wondering how it would be like, to have 1 Crore rupees and how we won’t ever need to go to job thereafter and here for these zombies living in a trance (obsessed to Gandhi) regard it as an appetizer for night’s dinner. Remember how a leader said ‘why is the media making such a big deal, it’s just 71 lakh, even if it was 71 crore we might have given it some thought’, so we realize the grand appetite and the obvious missing Hindu mythological element called soul that usually resides in every flesh and blood.

India is something that has almost everything, except for the fact that the Indians have nothing. With Citizens like Arvind Kejriwal we can get back all the lost treasure but the point lies in taking the leap with the same amount of faith with which you enter a temple believing that it would bring you luck, prosperity, and blessings.

He is right and we all know that deep within, we all can relate to his childlike honesty and candour yet we dismiss it as impractical, forgetting the fact that everything that has never done before seems impractical because of our self imposed restrictions upon our convictions & capabilities. He may seem random and haphazard but he is doing his bit, he may seem incomplete but he is giving his best shot, he may seem power monger but he may also be a true patriot, he may seem impractical but someday, we all will acknowledge we were wrong, probably just to ourself, like we did for the neighbor who never scored well till his high school but succeeded in the end.

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