Aam Aadmi Party : What Lays Ahead?

26th November 2012 , Arvind Kejriwal a name that is pronounced at almost every news channel every third hour, announced a revolution, a revolution that required a lot of courage, strength and a step outside the comfort zone.

‘Aam Aadmi Party’

While Congress said – ‘There are Dozens of Political Parties in the nation and everyone is free to form his own party’ , BJP Welcomed the Move by Congratulating Mr. Kejriwal. Now that it is quite apparent that none of the 2 had a reason to smile at this, but certainly it gives a reason to worry to almost every corrupt party in the country.

What do we expect of this Party? & what are the apprehensions about the same?

1. They say, Power corrupts people and when the elected candidates hold the offices they too will be vulnerable to the devil of corruption! To This, Mr. Kejriwal said that we would bring ‘Jan Lokpal’ as soon as we are in power so that anyone, anyone from the 131 crore population of India can put an application for investigation against any politician and Each leader will be answerable and there will be NO power monopoly, and it will be even spread avoiding all possible same family multiple candidature.
2. How will they win? How will they arrange the finances to promote themselves, how will they spread the awareness?

Certainly this is one of the most vexing question before the party, but ‘Truth Shall Triumph’ and therefore they are believing in masses, the masses who is not tempted by meagre give aways that government bribes the poor masses with. & with Moto of anti-corruption, any sane man can envisage the longer run benefits and price rise being reverted.

3. Will they be able to bring about Sustainable development, a Government that justifies and upholds Public welfare along with Capitalism? Will they be able to put an end to nepotism?

With the current attitude and personality we have witnessed of Mr. Kejriwal, Mr. Prashant Bushan. There are hopes, a lot many rays of hope and with previous claims and measures to avoid Power Misuse, We can expect a political reform that can transform the scenario of free India and bring it closer to China in terms of Growth and progress. Right to Recall! A Means that would allow the Democracy of India to cease the position of the minister who fails to perform his duties that means, you can reject ANY Minister if you are NOT satisfied with his/her work.

4. Why does Arvind Kejriwal not carry the allegations and pursue a legal action against the ones indicted?

The answer is quite obvious and you, I , everyone knows it, but no one wants to speak it out loudly. How can you expect a man with no political power to battle out a high profile politician or the son in law of Queen Victoria of our country? Proofs vanish, Media shuts up and lawyers are lined up at the drop of a hat. When the law minister can threaten to kill him in front of the entire media, what do you think might happen even if he struggles to get a case registered?

That support one gathers for a noble cause is feasible and happens only in Movies like ‘Nayak’ or ‘Singham’ in real life you need more than just a cause to stir up the masses, emotions, drama, entertainment, and credits, all the ingredients of a reality TV Show are needed to disturb the slumber of the population, therefore unless and until One is not in power, he is handicapped.

5. Is it just a mirage or Will there be a change this time? Is there just another bubble that will burst subsequently?

Well this is in YOUR Hands, whether you are ready to brush aside your selfish thoughts? Are you ready to trust a common man with the uncommon dreams? Do you believe that someone really is willing to sacrifice and invest his entire life to bring a change in the society, in the country?

IF you are there, AAM AADMI PARTY Will Win, Win with a distinct majority AND Tomorrow will be an India full of love, harmony, peace AND Opportunities for one and all.

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