Smartphones – Taking India to a new level

Sitting on a tea stall and checking office related mails or sitting in a restaurant and checking reviews about the restaurant on smartphone, these are some common sights these days. Welcome to the world of internet, access the news from any part of world from a device not bigger than your hand, this is 21st century and this my fellas is the age of Smartphones. Well a very quick question which hits many people’s mind is how smartphones differ from other mobile phones? Why are they called smartphones and not mobile phones?

Well Smartphones in simpler term can be defined as an enhanced version of mobile phones just like Laptops which are enhanced version of Personal computers or even mobile phones which are famously known as a new look of wired telephones. These days mobile phones are coming with multimedia features like music player, video player and have GPRS facility to enable users to connect with internet, Smartphones have taken one more step in which they have enhanced the existing quality and capability of mobile phone like music players with enhanced sound quality like Dolby surround system, editing of videos etc. Smartphones also come with lots of new and really helpful features like Inbuilt mail and chat applications, office word, excel etc, capability to connect with internet through WLAN or EDGE. There are many smartphones which can work as modem for other mobile phones.

Smart phones

Smartphones are playing a significant role in the growth and development of many businesses in India. A corporate running a company needs to be in touch regardless of what he is doing or where he is and this is where smartphones come in the picture. Indian youth, who these days love to be connected with their friends through social networks, chat messengers, are already loving this new avatar of mobile phones. Thus smartphones are loved by people from all age groups and background.

If we take into account the growing usage of smartphones in India then it can be clearly seen that smartphones are indirectly playing a significant role in taking Indian economy to a whole new level. How? Well the answer is the time saving capability. Just imagine that you are driving to your home and you get a call from your office that an email has been sent to you for the approval of finalizing a deal which is going to benefit you and you can do that right away through your smartphone. Got a hint!! Now take into account all such type of scenarios which usually happens with Indian Corporates. The result is more growth in less time!! That’s why these phones are called Smart phones because they make your grow in a smarter way.

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