Medicines that cause Erectile Dysfunction in Men


There are number of cases where men suffer from erectile dysfunction as a side effect due to medicines. But many are unaware of this fact and this leads to drastic effects such as emotional distress. It is usually the loss of libido in men which results in erectile dysfunction. This situation can be unavoidable if it is the case due to medication, but can be treated and managed if doctor’s advice is taken.


There are a range of medicines that cause erectile dysfunction in men but some cause it with high intensity and some with low. Some of the drugs which cause erectile dysfunction are:


  • Antidepressants (TCAs)


  • Antipsychotics ( by decreasing the libido)


  • Antihypertensives (by decreasing blood flow to corporal arteries)


  • Antihistamines


  • Antiepileptics


  • Antiandrogens


  • Alcohol and Cigarette smoking


If you are prescribed with any of these drugs or medicines, you have ample chances of suffering with erectile dysfunction. Each class of these drugs has its own mechanism causing the ED (Erectile Dysfunction) in men. In case you are facing deep trouble and embarrassment due to erectile dysfunction, you may consult back you doctor and ask for alternative medicine with lesser intensity of side effects. But if the medication prescribed to you is absolutely necessary, you may have to continue it further until the medication course has been completed.


Sometimes even muscle relaxants are also responsible for erectile dysfunction in men. This is because they also relax the muscles responsible for erection of penis. Even excess alcohol intake and smoking can cause the problem of erection in males, but this is seen as a long term effect. Under such circumstances, you should try to give up these habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Meanwhile you can try out few therapies and medications to enhance your libido and erectile functioning. There are few good exercises that you can practice so that your penis gets good amount of blood flow to bring about adequate erection.


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