How Yoga helps in Curing Rapid Ejaculation

Yoga is slowly getting in the vogue around the world. There are numerous health benefits of yoga which are long lasting without any side effects. It offers good flexibility, relief from stress, improved blood circulation and also strengthens your body. And recently the health benefits of yoga in premature ejaculation (rapid ejaculation) have been proven which makes it even more beneficial. Infact yoga has been found even more beneficial than the conventional treatment methods which use Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).


Premature ejaculation is a common problem of almost 20-30% of male population. Though it is generally a harmless issue, men and their partners would want longer lasting sexual activity for the sake of pleasure. In order to achieve it men go for various treatment methods which mostly include medicines. But there are alternative safer methods which can help get rid of rapid ejaculation in men and yoga is one such method.


How yoga helps in treatment of premature ejaculation:


  • Yoga mainly comprises of physical exercises along with meditation which unites the body and mind and helps build synchronization between them.


  • If you slowly develop more control over your body organs and senses by practicing yoga, you can control your ejaculation timing too.


  • Yoga also helps in improving blood circulation in your body, muscles and especially in your lower part of body (pelvis which includes the sex organs.


  • The scientific reason behind yoga’s role in treatment of premature ejaculation is that it helps in gaining control over your parasympathetic system. And as long as parasympathetic system is activated, ejaculation does not occur because it requires sympathetic system’s activation.


What are the benefits with yoga in treatment of premature ejaculation?


  • Yoga is absolutely free and you can practice it in your home in an open place. All you will need is a mat over the surface to sit or stand on.


  • There are absolutely no side effects with yoga, unlike the conventional medicines which have loads of side effects. But to get health benefits of yoga you will have to wait little longer than what you have to wait for the medicines.


  • Yoga imparts both mental and physical strength in you. Therefore it has additional health benefits than just curing rapid ejaculation.
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