How to prevent premature ejaculation


Premature ejaculation is something which is concern of most of the males during their sexual activity. A person may feel the ejaculation “premature” if he or his partner is not satisfied with the sexual act, for they have hoped for longer act. This does not mean a person is suffering from a disorder or disease. It is just that one person ejaculates in 1 minute and the other in say some 4 minutes.  So, it’s just what one or his partner feels that the ejaculation has been premature. Infact there are even men who ejaculate in few seconds of vaginal thrust.  This is nothing abnormal because, the sexual activity is actually meant for releasing sperms into vagina for fertilization to take place.


But we humans have taken up sex as a pleasurable activity, a form of sharing intimacy and love. And so it becomes obvious that we would want it to last longer. There are several ways to improve the lasting of sexual activity and delay the ejaculation, but usually men do not go to doctors for the sake of embarrassment they might face nor do they usually take prescription medicines. So what remains next? The natural therapies can help in such cases. This includes exercises of pubococcgeus muscle (PC muscle) which plays important role in ejaculation.


Role of exercises to prevent premature ejaculation:


The PC muscle plays an important role in giving a great sexual experience to men. Making it strong would help to delay the ejaculation and would give you more control over the ejaculation. Practicing PC muscle exercises regularly can help make it grow stronger and thus enhance the control over ejaculation. Following exercise would help you make it stronger:


  • Flex you PC muscle by gently by squeezing it and then releasing it. Remember it is not done using your hands. The PC muscle helps your penis move up and down in erect position.
  • The above exercise can be done in privacy for about 2-3 seconds where you squeeze the muscle and then release it.
  • Give a break of 5-6 seconds and again do the squeezing and releasing for 2-3 seconds.
  • Practice it for about 25-30 times a day and 2-3 days in a week.
  • Gradually increase the duration of squeezing and releasing and also the number of repetitions.
  • There should be improvement in delay of ejaculation as your PC muscle would strengthen.
  • You should also concentrate on breathing exercises too along with these exercises as these would make the sexual act smoother and longer lasting without much tiredness.



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