Health Benefits of Sweet Potato

Ipomea batatas also known as Sweet potato is one of the oldest known vegetables to humans. It is cultivated in almost every country as it is adaptable to almost any temperature except for the frost conditions. This tuber is stuffed with loads of fat-free calories and fibers which makes number of delicacies. Sweet potato has over 400 known varieties which are grown across the world. Apart from serving the best taste, the sweet potato also has several health benefits and nutritional values. Read below to find them out!


Health Benefits of eating Sweat Potato include the following:

  1. It has very high nutritional value considering the fact that it is quite rich in Vitamin A, C, E, Calcium, Iron, Carbs, and Proteins.
  2. These tubers are very rich in dietary fibers which help in lowering the risk of constipation, colon and rectal cancer. They also lower the risk of acquiring Diverticulosis, a condition where small pouches develop on the lining of colon.
  3. Sweet potatoes are also believed to reduce the risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Though the name is sweet potatoes, they are actually good for diabetics as they lower the Insulin resistance and help in stabilizing the blood glucose levels.
  4. These are rich in Vitamin A (in the form of Beta-carotene) and Vitamin E which are power anti-oxidants helping in reducing risk of causing cancers.
  5. Foods made out of these are powerful satiety inducers which can help obese people to eat less and thus help in achieving weight loss.
  6. These are also helpful in controlling hypertension as these lower the blood pressure. Sweet potatoes are also known for blood purification.
  7. These are rich in potassium which helps in maintaining homeostatic balance in the body fluids.
  8. Owing to the fact that these are rich in calcium levels, these also improve the bone density making them strong and hard.
  9. Studies suggest that sweet potatoes are effective in helping quit addictions such as drinking alcohol, smoking and narcotics consumption.
  10. Sweet potatoes also help in lowering the blood cholesterol levels, thus reducing the chances of having blood clots which may instigate a stroke.
  11. The anti-oxidant property of sweet potatoes due to the presence of Vitamin A and E helps in maintaining strength and vigor of skin, extending the days of your young life.
  12. The water in which the sweet potatoes have been washed can be used as a good skin cleanser and softener. This water can be applied over the dark areas of the body such as back of the palm and area around the elbows to cleanse the skin.

Sweet potatoes are a great source of nutrients which can be baked, boiled, mashed, made into crisps, or turned into a soup. These are really good for babies as these contain good amount of Vitamin A and minerals which high in requirement in babies. Overall, sweet potatoes are one of the best healthy diets, no matter if it’s an adult or a baby.

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