Indian Fashion going global

Indian fashion is truly going global with its roots intact to its ethnic style. In the twenty first century , India is no where lagging behind in the different ethnic contemporary styles. Wherever we go be it in weddings , Functions , casual parties or meetings we can see Indian women or men wearing different types of Indian wears like kurtiis paired up with jeans or Punjabi patiallas with funky accessories like beads. The present generation of India , is more into mix and match of different ethnic clothes paired up with funky accessories which can also been seen in the recent Hindi movies. Till some decades ago Indian fashion was only limited to Indian housewives carrying of the sarees or the salwar kameez but today on the contrary we can see a lot of girls pairing up their kurtis with jeans and a stall, this is all happening because of the immense globalization of Indian fashion.

Indian Fashion Going Global

However, the forte of Indian fashion industry lies in its free-wheeling nature that incorporates anything exotic into integral Indian so much that it is not that easy to sport its origin. Nowadays, the Indian fashion industry is accelerated by mainly two aspects including customer choices and globalization. In the Indian fashion industry we get to witness a variety of designs and styles and the reason to this is the presence of multi ethnic groups and our open mindedness to embrace every cultural design with tolerance. Each group has its own prominent style and its own type of dresses and costumes. Indian Fashion designers are known to blend these styles quite sophisticatedly.

In the very recent years we have seen some of the major beauty pageants like the “Miss India” making India proud for its creative rounds, one of which is a ethnic wear round where contestants carry Indian designs such as sarees draped in creative styles and hair done in a different way, their natural style of dressing in the pageant has deeply affected the general mass of our country and ever since then the stylish draping of Indian sarees has become the latest fashion as we can see all around.

Today, we also get to witness an amalgamation of the Indian wear with the western clothes. Now we can see a lot of women especially high profile socialites teaming up their designer sarees with bikinis or halter blouses. The immense experimentation of colours by various designers is an example of creative forte.

The Indian fashion is doing rounds not only in India but abroad as well. “Where India obviously leads, is with the artisan approach it brings to fashion “, Christian Blanken said.”

Today we are proud Indians whose collections we can see not only in India Fashion Week but in Wills Fashion Week as well which are apparently helping us break a lot of stereotypical prejudices about the Indian wears. Indian cinema has helped us widen our minds and this can be seen in the fashion industry as well. It leaves a deep impact on our minds not only about the actors in it but also the fashion they follow. Apparently, Indian fashion industry is also appealing to western buyers. But though the Indian mindset has changed, we still have a long way to go in terms of being a global phenomenon per se, and having to reach dizzying heights of glamorous recognition trying to answer “what’s next in Indian fashion?”

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