5 Strange Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight

A lot of people think it’s the lifestyle changes that make them gain weight.  But sometimes it’s the body reacting to certain factors which we usually ignore as the reasons for weight gain. These factors could be anything from hormonal imbalance to prescription drugs to some of vitamin deficiencies.  Check out the below 5 strange reasons why you may be gaining weight.


Research Studies published in American Journal of Public Health quote that depression can be a direct reason for weight gain in some people. This could also be an indirect way, where the person ends up consuming high calorie food or simply eats more to cope up the depressed state.  At the same time, anti-depressants also have weight gain as a side effect.  So, if you are depressed and you consume anti-depressant pills, it is highly likely that you put on more weight.

Gaining WeightDigestive issues

If you have some issues with your gut, it is likely that you put on some extra weight. Usually it is a blend of more than one issue leading to weight gain in this case. You may be constipating, at the same time you may be low on your gut flora or you may be dehydrating most of the times.  All these reasons can lead to weight gain.

Lack of Nutrients

If your body is low in vitamin D levels, magnesium or iron levels, it is more likely that your immune system falls weak and gets compromised.  This may drain your energy levels forcing you to eat high calorie food like carbs and sweets eventually leading to weight gain. Energy drain may also make you feel tired and as a result you may not exercise which again becomes a reason of weight gain.

Medical Condition

There are instances where people gain weight due to their medical conditions, which usually they are unaware of.  Hypothyroidism is the most common medical condition causing weight gain in people.  If you are feeling intolerance to cold, lethargic, husky voice, swelling in the neck and frequent headaches, you should see your doctor to check if you are having hypothyroidism.  In a rarer case, you may be having Cushing’s syndrome (glandular disorder caused by excess of cortisol), which also causes weight gain.


Certain prescription drugs when used for longer periods, say months, may cause weight gain.  The way these drugs cause weight gain may differ from one drug to another. It may be because of increase in the appetite, altering the insulin levels and altering the way fat is stored. Sometimes, even oral contraceptives become a reason for weight gain in women when used frequently. Some of the medications which may cause weight gain are:

  • Steroids
  • Anti-depressants
  • Anti-hypertensives
  • Anti-psychotics
  • Diabetes medication
  • Anti-convulsants
  • Heartburn medications

It is advised that you do not stop any of these medications after reading this article without consulting your doctor. These medications are highly essential to treat the respective disorders they are meant to work on.

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