Interview with Preeti singh , the-author of flirting with fate book

First and foremost question, what attribute makes your heart yell, “Yes, I’m proud to be an Indian“?

Being an army granddaughter…daughter and wife, I feel proud to belong to a family that has taken bullets on its chest to protect the nation, I even enrolled in the Navy to adorn the uniform myself but was rejected being an epileptic since birth. Anything….anytime for the defense services.

Mera bharat mahaan !!

Flirting with Fate is fetching its well deserving success and love. Any real life incident or inspiration that lead you to settle with the plot of this book?

God has indeed been kind by showering me with so much love by readers., times I feel I don’t deserve it…but yes, I strongly believe in this mantra that Karma Does Return…small incidents in my life…good or bad have proven this…even a petty lie I told or a kind gesture I did, I was paid back in the same coin. It’s the universal truth which we all know…i just penned it down in a crime thriller called

Flirting With Fate

What kinda reviews and feedbacks has the book been getting by now? Would you like to share any interesting one?

A– I have received quite an unexpected positive response from the readers, especially the younger age group as I was targeting 40 plus people :) one few lines by a young enthusiastic reader from Delhi,,,,Nancy Sethi–she says… Awesome!!!!

I am not a reviewer, as per profession, but this book “Flirting with Fate” has forced me to write a review. WOW!! This is only the best way to describe this book. I have often heard my parents saying “Karma will return someday…” and this was proved by this book to me. In fact, at the end of it, I got goose bumps because I wasn’t expecting the kind of climax which is shown here. Good work Preeti Ma’am… I am awaiting a next book by you. :)

Preeti Singh , Author of Flirting With Fate

Preeti Singh , Author of Flirting With Fate

Okay. We have heard that you always believe in giving an emotion, a charm and a voice to pets in your book. Would you like to share the credit and success with them?

I believe growing up with pets teaches a child compassion and empathy which becomes part of ur inherent nature….always lived with pets, my dog is part of a family member==any animal lover will second that….n being part of my household, I felt it was unfair not to include my dog in my debut venture ! He would have felt so bad,..wouldn’t he ? After all when I wrote during my mood swings, he would make me smile with his constant cuddling :)

In your first book, Anand was the male protagonist and the entire book ran around the life of Anand. What inspired and helped you in creating the role of Anand?

No one specific really….maybe a mix of negativity I faced in life….along with some unpleasant people…i really dunno…honestly…the ideas just erupted from within…I guess it was an amalgamation of most crime movies/books I have been absorbing all these years.

Your first book contains certain silent aspects on courage and determination of women. What’s your idea of Women Empowerment in today’s India?

I believe…for every woman….no one gives you power…you just have to take it. And if I an Indian woman is pushed beyond her tolerance level, she will react, sometimes causing disaster. Indian women are changing for the better and having realized their rights, they have woken up….shades in my book depicted the same….

How do you see the writing world as? Fame followed by success, or a platform to convey and derive ideas?

Depends from person to person, really. Some people write in quantity to quickly acquire fame, while others write quality which convey a message to society and can make readers actually think after they put the book down. Having said that, no contentment is complete without seeing your work in print and sitting for long on the shelves of readers.

Owing to the prevailing conditions in literary, what reforms would you like to see? Be it in the area of writing, publishing, marketing and gathering masses.?

I wish budding authors don’t have to wait forever for publishers to reply and when they do, they don’t have to pay for their work being read by masses. Talent should not be bought…it should be recognized and spread.

Share with us the transformation from an unknown and an unspotted layman to a glittering and followed author.

Hardly glittering…lols…but honestly yes it feels good to be recognized and known, especially in your own city. I literally have to carry few books in my car…as once I was asked for a book on the road by a follower and I had none !! Also my daughter is known as an authors kiddo….so its definitely a boost to ones morale….yet the idea remains to remain humbled and grateful to god for little blessings like this.

Tell us something about your second book.

With tolerance level among relationships going down these days, my book is a message to all not to give up and walk out at the drop of a hat….have patience and let the storm pass….it will be a contemporary fiction I guess…still contemplating how to give it shape…

Give our readers some tips on Good parenting for a working woman like you.

Am a parent for the first time so do not consider myself qualified to advise any one….each parent child relationship is unique and each child has to be handled as per the situation….all I can say is be your child’s friend whom they can fight with,,,,trust plenty and even can find you if the world turns the back on them…JUST BE THERE for them…as long as you can.

Preeti SinghWhat role do you think does our youth play, in creating mass awareness regarding varied social issues like Female infanticide, Rapes, dowry deaths, etc?

I salute those young men and women who refuse to marry in families which talk of dowry…..and refuse to go in for sex determination tests. The men who stand up for women’s causes deserve accolades for doing so but its not a temporary stand to be taken only on the roads, they should implement the same in their daily lives. By creating awareness from home itself the youth can certainly make an overall change in the mind sets of the society.

If not a writer, then what would have Preeti Singh been?

OMG !! Never thought of that…..well maybe I would have opened a farm house with animals all over…woken up with rabbits on my pillow and penguins in my bathtub :P

How’s the charm of being a mother and a daughter at the same time? What fascinates you more, a careful mother or a carefree daughter?

Am still learning to be a mom at every stage…..5 years back I was mom to a toddler , now to a teenager…soon to an adult–so the process is really never ending….but each role kind of finds its place some in my next book I guess … I would call myself a carefree bindaas mom instead…who says–LIVE N LET LIVE to my kiddo….

What do you think is the major cause of teenage attempts and confessions? Is it the result of excess freedom to girls or to boys?

Neither…i think it’s a realization …a maturity that has set in many youngsters today….the youth is not dumb anymore…they see…they observe and the take their decisions towards positivity. The same can be negatively taken if they take extreme steps but with the right guidance by schools and parents, the kids can understand and channelize their lives accordingly.

16. Some words for our aspiring writers and supportive readers.

For writers I shall say–write for yourself, not to fulfill peoples demands….you cannot satisfy everyone–so just focus on your own gut feeling and pen it down. As for readers, pick up a book not because all say its good as sometimes reviews can be fake too, so pick it up if you feel you can connect with it…..with some parts of it which may have been part of you….that’s when you will really enjoy the book.

In the end all I say is

LIVE NOW.,….LOVE NOW….coz kal ho na ho !

Interview by SNEHA SACHDEV
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  1. Preeti Ma’am is a very nice woman with a pure heart and she is unbiased. She has faced lots of problems in her life, but the way she has handled unexpected ups and downs in her life are praiseworthy. I am lucky to be in touch with such a lady.

    I wish her lots happiness come back in her life ASAP.

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