The Rising Trend of Online Shopping in India

Online shopping has gradually taken over the conventional form of marketing.  Online shopping first started in mid ‘90s in Europe and soon became popular there for its various benefits. However, in recent time, it is seen that the trend of online shopping is rising in India and has taken over the traditional shopping. This increase is mainly because of the change in way of living of people, increasing popularity of internet and above all its convenience. Online shopping offers several benefits and owing to the growing popularity of it, there are several eCommerce websites available today, offering their services.

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Benefits of Online Shopping

The rising trend of online shopping is due to its various benefits. Some of the major benefits of online shopping are:

  • Convenience: The major benefit of online shopping is convenience of shopping. We can shop from anywhere and everywhere and at anytime and the only thing we need is an internet connection. Moreover, for online shopping we don’t even have to go out and we can do it sitting at home and this is the best part of online shopping.
  • Variety: Online shopping websites offers a wide variety of products and provides you with an option to choose from many. It also offers products of different brands and you can buy your favorite brand without going to any store in the pollution. Moreover online shopping also allows you to choose from a wide array of colours and designs.
  • Better deals: Another benefit of online shopping is that you can great really better deals than traditional shopping. It offers cheaper deals as compared to the conventional way of shopping as the end product reaches the customer directly from the manufacturer and there exist no middle man. Moreover, several online stores offers discount coupons and other offers and makes shopping more exciting for you.
  • Comparison of prices: Online shopping helps us to compare the prices of the products we yearn to buy. We can easily carry out a market research regarding the price before buying the product.
  • No pushing sale: I often end up buying things that are not really necessary, owing to pushing sale. However, online shopping seems to be best for people like me as there is no pushing sale and you can buy only if you like it. Moreover, you don’t have to listen to the salesmen’s talks about the advantages of buying the product.
  • Saves time: Online shopping saves a lot of time as we can shop from anywhere and at anytime. We do not have to go out, get stuck in the traffic and waste a lot of time.

Precautions while shopping online

Despite of the several benefits of online shopping, it is important that we take some precautions while shopping online as there are also many frauds that take place and there are other risks as well. Some of the precautions that are necessary to take while shopping online are:

  • Link of a website: Do not click on any link that you are recommended on other websites as you might be a victim of hacking. Make sure that you type the link on the address bar that is provided on you web browser.
  • Authenticity check: Check the authenticity of the website before purchasing any products as you may fall victim of frauds. Make sure that you shop only from those websites that are being verified and have security logo and remember to check the details of the online store before purchasing.
  • Cross-check: It is important that you verify the online store before purchasing any product. You can do this by cross-checking the online store by making call on the phone number that is provided on the website.
  • Credit Card Number: Never share your credit card number or password while shopping online as any authentic store will never ask for your credit card number. The transaction is carried out through a secured payment gateway and you are not required to share any account details.
  • Privacy Policy:  Do not share your personal information while shopping online without reading the privacy policy of the online store as they may use your personal information for other purpose or even sell it to others. So remember to read the privacy policy carefully before sharing your personal information.

Online shopping trend has escalated in India and this rise is mainly due to the busy life schedule that people lead today. Moreover, shopping through eCommerce offers the facility of delivery at the door step and this becomes convenient shopping option for those who have late working hours. Online shopping has indeed taken over the conventional way of shopping especially among the youngsters. However, it is important to keep in mind the precautions while shopping online in order to avoid various risks that come along with it. By following the precautions, online shopping can become more exciting.

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