Mullaperiyar dam issue between Tamil Nadu and Kerala

About 116 years ago periyer dam was build to store the water of Periyer River. With course of time this dam has got a new name and is now known as mullaperiyar dam. This is the same dam which has been the cause of dispute between the states of Tamil nadu and Kerala. Over past years these two states are in a boiling position and their otherwise cordial neighbourship is at a great danger. This dam was built on the year 1886. It is situated in the states of Kerala and also the ownership belongs to them, then how come there lies a dispute with another state over water rising issues? It is because mullaperiyar dam was given as a lease to the state of Tamil nadu on 29th October 1886 for 999 years. This has entitled Tamil nadu to control and operate the dam.

Mullperiyar dam

The dispute that has now aroused is on the validity of this lease which was made long ago before India became independent. The two states are contesting each other in the highest court of laws i.e. the Supreme Court and both are expecting to get a judgment in their favor. Tamil Nadu depends heavily on mullaperiyar dam regarding its agricultural needs and so they want to raise the water level of the dam but the state of Kerala has an objection in that. Kerala is not against giving more water but what concerns them is that the raised water level will pose as a great threat to the 116 years old dam. The dam is declared as an endangered construction and any kind of excess pressure in that dam can make it collapse and that will prove to be very fatal at it will then claim lives of many from both the states of Kerala and Tamil nadu.

While the governments of both the states are into legal battles the citizens are trying to stir up a social movement which will prove to be beneficial for both the states of Kerala and Tamil nadu. There are social group formations on various levels and the protests are made on various media platforms to create awareness among the masses. The inmates of the two states do not care much about who has the ownership of the dam or who are having its control rights; all they want is safety and protection for their lives and lives of their loved ones. And that is never too much to ask from a human’s side. It is therefore demanded that there is an urgent need for the reconstruction of a new dam which will take the load off the old and endangered mullaperiyar dam. This is a serious issue which involves the lives of thousands of people from both the sates of Kerala and Tamil nadu and so an immediate action is necessary to put an end to this approaching crisis. While governments of both the states are looking forward to the pending judgment by the Supreme Court the citizens are wishing desperately for a new dam to avoid another black day.

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