A dark tale of the farmers of kerala

Few years ago India was horrified by the news of mass farmer suicide and once again it woke up with the saddening and disastrous news of farmer suicide in Kerala. This recent happening in Wayanad district has again raised the question on why this tragedy is happening over and over. Despite the fact that India is an agricultural country is the amount of production of crops is in such horrific condition that the farmers are left with no other choices but to end their lives? Or it is the intensifying price of raw materials and lands? There are several factors which add to this catastrophe which yet again took place in Kerala.

Condition of farmers in Kerala

The farmers choose to end their lives when they could not find any way to protract their economic condition and sustain with the market. The successive failure in crop production has caused a massive gap which is sturdy for the unfortunate farmers to fill. Productions of crops have primarily failed because of the incongruous climatic conditions. If in a farm period the price of a particular product is high then there is an inclination that the farmers will change their staple crop into that particular crop yearning to make more profit, however, that increases the amount of production and thus brings down the price of the crop which in return causes a huge damage to the farmers. Rain is essential for any crop production nevertheless; excess rain serves the exact opposite purpose which destroys the crops and thus landing the farmers in to loss. Also over the past years the price of land has seen a huge hike and that factor again adds to the misery and debt of the farmers.

The climatic conditions are not in hands of the people and so any solution from that side cannot be provided however, on the other hand there are solutions which can provide a relief to the crunch economic conditions of the farmers and consequently save their lives. The government provides subsidies on many agricultural products but many of the farmers are unavailable to receive those due to various reasons so there is a need of an efficient authority who can assure that the farmers are getting the proper facilities. There is also an increased need for awareness among farmers and education about the agriculture products and processes. If a farmer has the information about the agricultural market then it will be much easier and helpful for him to decide that which crop can maximize his profit. The farmers should be allowed to trade in other places i.e. a farmer needs to be ensured to have free movement around the whole country but without any taxes. This few things with other technical strategies can bring in solutions which will provide the farmers with much better life and we will not wake up with again with the news of a farmer who has taken his own life to escape the economic compulsion.

It is an ernest appeal to the government on behalf of the farmers to intervene into the tribulations faced by them and make policies that can manifest improvement in the present devastated conditions of the farmers.

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