Time to awaken patriotism in India !!

Past one year has been full of ups and downs for India as a country on a lot of fronts. Rising corruption , people’s uprising , dip in economic growth were the major highlights for the year which passed. In amidst of this entire nation kept on its pace and moved on. There were a lot of achievements and a lot of events which can be said to be outstanding but the two major events which brought the nation to join hands with each other were the winning world cup by team India and Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption. In both the events the highlights were that middle class of nation came out to support the cause. It can be considered to be remarkable because during recent times middle class of our country was considered to be bothered only about its personal interests, to keep its feelings towards the nation to itself and keep personal interests over nation’s cause. Nation seemed to have grown apathy towards its political leadership and it started taking proud in being associated to Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Anna Hazare for their achievements through leadership.

In the past India has witnessed tremendous participation by middle class for nation’s cause. It’s the same nation who sat on fast after one appeal from Lal Bahadur Shastri during the food crisis of 60’s, gave its gold to nation at the time of war, faced Lathis and took bullets walking behind mahatma Gandhi and even didn’t bow in front of the government at the time of emergency. Every time we emerged to be stronger and much more devoted towards our country. In the medieval era we were divided into a number of princely states fighting with each other. First time the nation rose up united for a cause was in 1857 against British, that was the first instance which gave the people concept of India as a nation. A big blow to this concept came when India was divided into two nations in 1947.Creation of Pakistan shook the secular spirit of nation and there was chaos all around. Thanks to the leadership of that era that we finally dusted ourselves off and rose out of it like a phoenix.

Every time nation was filled with this feeling of unification and patriotism a revolution was created. Be it the green revolution, be it the independence struggle, economic reforms or wars, it is the feeling to stand under one flag that keeps us moving and succeed. In the recent times the nation is craving for revolution due to economic and political divide between haves and have nots. We need to keep our small petty issues aside and turn the wheel in favor of positive development, and that can be achieved only once we realize our responsibilities. It is high time that we start contributing to our nation and this reminds me what John F. Kennedy once said “Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country?”  and that is the inherent spirit in Indians which keeps us going.


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