Pakistan China Nexus against India

All the rulers of Pakistan have always professed their desire to improve their relation with India. But is that a fact? Their desire is clearly understood in their views that they voice in various public meetings and addressing their countrymen, to western interlocutors and to Chinese government. This is clear from the determination of General Yahya Khan which he displayed to crush India. Also, many speeches and public meetings of General Musharraf are worth taking note of. He clearly expressed his belief to English Speaking Union in Karachi of tension would prevail between the two countries even if the issue of long debated Kashmir was settled in Pakistan’s favour.

On the other hand China has always remained a chapter of concern for India ever since 1962 war which India lost badly. Chinese Premier Wen said, “China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic partners and share the sorrows and joys of each other as close brothers.”  China has been engaging in destructive activities with Pakistan which is a great cause of concern not only for the peace and security of the nation but to the world at large. China is playing a safe role in providing weapons aid to Pakistan for use against Indiawhich will create tension between the two countries and provoke conflicts. China has always supported Pakistan by delivering them all the weapons help they need in the hope that Pakistan would pose a threat to India.

India has been facing a threat of nexus from both the countries. Both these countries are geographically located in such a manner that they pose a threat of regional adversaries. Pakistan has always responded to all acts of China very swiftly. They have arsenal much more than their actual defense needs.

China has increased its activities in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. There are many instances which show this. China has been supplying engineers, computer experts and technicians to places like Gilgit and Baltistan of PoK in the name of handling their infrastructure projects. Many reports and media have been publishing such reports that more than 11000 Chinese men are handling various infrastructure projects in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. China has been supplying more than half of these men that are military engineers in the pretext of engineers and technicians.

China was forced to remove a People’s Liberation Army battalion that was placed at Khunjerab Pass in PoK with the aim of providing security to the Chinese workers. China faced tremendous pressure from international bodies to remove it in May, 2010. Pakistan has become fast friends with China and makes sure that the Chinese workers are safe in Pakistan and for this the Pakistan’s interior Minister Rehman Malik announced deployment of more forces for the security of Chinese men in PoK.

Looking at the current scenario and the nexus activities going on between Pakistan and China against India, it is now up to India to take measures for the protection of its countrymen. Mr. Prime Minister and the Defense Minister of the country is facing with a huge question of the country’s security. The question posed in front of the nation by these two neighboring countries.

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