National Integrity and the Indian Youth

Integrity is that emotional bond that has the ability to bring intense connectivity in the physical bonding of the people that we are living and surrounded with and when we specifically talk about integration in a nation we are undoubtedly looking forward to a broader scenario. Let me put it in a very simple term for you, by integrity we understand the feeling of honesty, goodness, fairness, simplicity and impartiality that enables us to perceive everyone around; with a same vision. When the people are being treated and perceived with no difference and partialities we tend to perceive integration, among them. So when we talk of national integrity we certainly envisage a nation whose people are unbiased and overlook all the differences among each other based on different castes, creed, race, culture and language. India is indeed a great nation and I will not be exaggerating if I say that it has been an epitome of national integration who has set an example in front of the other nations of the world for being a highly integrated nation where the people of the religions and sub religions are amazingly integrated. But this integration does not come, at own. It is the people of that nation who have to understand, what boon integrity brings for them. It is the people of the nation who have to work for bringing integrity among each one of them.

India is now progressing day by day, its people, economy, social system is now, getting globalized and better with each phase of time. India had also witnessed the much repressive and suppressive days when the social taboos like untouchability, backwardness and communalism was harming its social and national image. But as I said that; it is the people only who realize that something needs to be changed and transformed now.

India has been a land of the great thinkers, philosophers and activists who took the initiative to bring about the transformation in the nation. There had been great role players like, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Bhim Rao Ambedekar, Dayanada Saraswati, Swami Vivekananda who did everything to abolish the taboos and unhealthy practices from the nation which were like a plague for the same. And all their endeavours brought about the national integrity in the nation that clear out the layers of ignorance from the eyes of the people and made them understand that difference based on castes, orthodox social practices, race, and biological features is a threat to the harmony and integrity of the nation. Both integrity and differences cannot stay together at the same time this we all have to understand. Today India is free from all those social practices and prejudices that have been damaging the integrity of the Indians. But is it also a fact that the form of problems keep on changing with the passage of time. None of the nation is problem free, but what is important is to realize the depth and consequence that problem could bring for the nation.

Youth for IndiaIn the present time, however India is free from the jinxed social practices and extreme prejudices, but still there are some issues that are slowly and gradually harming the national integrity. No matter caste system and untouchability have loosened its grip in the society to a much extent now, but racism, competition, arrogance, hatred, disrespect for the people of minorities, prejudice against backward people are some highlighted issues of India which need to be dealt with. And here, I again raise the question that who will come forward now, to bring about the change and transformation in the national and social system so that the foundation of national integrity can again be gripped well? Who will dare to become the next Raja Mohan or Swami Vivekananda? The answer lies just in front of us and that is the Youth of India. In the past recent years the youth of our country has revealed a much surprising yet commendable facet of their personalities and attitude. The youth is among the most aware and alert citizens of the nation and only, they have the guts to reshuffle the old patterned system of the country. They very well understand how profound the phenomenon of integration is, for the progress of the nation as well as theirs. Although, the youth is itself facing many of its own issues due to the lack of education and opportunities, but the section of the same who is educated and acknowledged has at least stepped out to realize integration among each other.

They do not believe in differences, they do not jeopardize the national integrity but rather follow it. Youth has completely discarded the ascribed differences (based on sex, caste and gender); rather they accept and welcome the people of vivid backgrounds. I myself have witnessed many young people who cherish the differences of different cultures and in fact they enjoy and perceive it as a new experience for them to know about a new culture, people, language and ethos. The youth of India has a great vision that makes them think and work with integrity, they believe that it is the sense of integrity that brings happiness and harmony and not the vice versa. Their attitude and thinking is much more scientific and objective that enables them to think beyond the menial standards and to act joyfully despite of the vividness. They are open to the phenomena of integration and they have shown it through many of the mediums, they are friendly with people of different backgrounds not only in their personal lives but at the professional level as well. Their thinking and ideologies reflect greatness and sophistication they are the admirers of great thinkers and some are even the dedicated followers.

Thus, for strengthening the national integrity in our nation, we now fully understand that the youth of the nation must be strengthened as well. And in order to pursue this, the youth must be given liberty, education, knowledge of spirituality, right guidance and a holistic atmosphere. The family and school are the two main institutions who can input and further motivate the high and moral standards of thinking. Education is the key to progress for the youth, the more the youth is educated the more they will be able to bring integration in the nation.The Government should now not only focus on the already established youth, but also on the deprived and underprivileged youth who also possess the seed of knowledge and courage in them.

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