Let’s Make India Proud

We feel proud to be called as an Indian and glorify the nation for its rich culture and heritage. We take pride in saying that India is a nation that has achieved so much since the time of Independence and has ranked as the 3rd largest economy in Asia, it is the World’s largest democracy etc. etc. But is this the nation that we really dream of? Do we really take pride in seeing the present condition of the nation? Where is our rich culture gone that we take so much pride in? Does it still exist or is it overpowered by westernization and modernization of our society? Does the love, affection and hospitality still exist that we boast on so much? Does non-violence still exist in India?

An answer to all these questions is “NO”. This is not the India that our forefathers dreamt of, who fought for the nation’s freedom and sacrificed their lives for a better tomorrow of our nation. India is no longer under the foreign rule but it is still not free from the problems in various aspects. It is the duty of every one of us who takes pride in being an Indian to make India Proud with our deeds. We should work towards bringing back the lost glory of our rich culture that we boast on so much.

We are in need of a dynamic and honest leader, who can change the present condition of the nation and help the nation develop and progress in the true sense. We need a leader who is educated and not just literate, who can understand the graveness of the issues that India is facing today and who has the courage to make India a corruption-free nation. We need a leader, who has the capability of changing the whole nation and has the courage to face new challenges.

We boast on “Unity in diversity” but it reality, it no longer exist in India. The feeling of Nationalism should be inculcated in every Indian, if we want our nation to remain united as one. The feeling of being an Indian first and then a “Hindu or Muslim or Christian or Sikh or Punjabi or Bengali, or Maharashtrian” etc, should be taught to every Indian since childhood. This is the only way to keep the nation united despite of the diversities. Secularism, that is just confined within the books needs to applied in real and make India a truly unique nation.

Indian law and judiciary system also needs reformation so as to meet the new challenges and curb the increasing crime in India. Although, we have several laws and enactments, yet India is not free from crimes and the reason behind this is that our laws lack proper implementation and interpretation. With reformation in the judicial system, a lot of problems that India is facing today can be resolved. Every Indian should pledge to become law abiding citizens and Uniform Civil Code needs to be applied.

We should work towards making India a nation with 100% literacy and provide education to every Indian, which is the birth right of every children as per our Constitution. We should work towards providing education to every child and stop them to work in various households or industries the whole day. We should work towards stopping the discrimination that still exist in our nation in terms gender, caste, creed, etc.

In order to preserve our rich and age old culture, every parent should inculcate within their children the values of our culture. We should encourage the youth and teach them humanity and nurture them to become better citizens of our nation. We should choose our Government judiciously, if we wish to see India as the nation we actually dreamt of. By doing these, we will not only be Proud to be called as Indian but we will also make our nation proud.

Hence, let us all pledge to make India Proud and make India a better and developed nation.

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