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We all know that about the problems in India that needs to be addressed. Have you ever thought about what you have done for your motherland? Have you contributed enough for its betterment? We all keep cribbing about the problems and spend time blaming each other, the society, the government as well as the system for being unable to fix the issues. However, we do not realize that if we want our country to be a better place to live than we should stop playing the blame game and take up some responsibilities. The saying “if you want to change the society, change yourself first” goes right with us. If we want to change the present condition of the country, we should change ourselves, and a little effort from our side can bring about the change that we all Indians dream of. Here are some simple things that we can do to make India a better place to live.

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Change Yourself : The first step to bringing about change in the country is by changing yourself. You should change your thoughts first before trying to change the views of the other people in the society. If every Indian transforms himself/herself , the entire society will transform, making the country a better place to live. This will as well help us in eradicating the social evils and superstitions that are deep rooted in our society.

Donate your time : Everyone deep inside our hearts wants to contribute to the society, but most of us do not know how to do. Everyone can contribute towards the betterment of the society and nation as a whole just by donating few hours from their busy schedule. There are a number of NGOs working for various social causes; you can get involved with such organizations and find a few hours every week to bring about the change you want.

Invest in nation building : Another way through which every Indian can contribute in making our motherland a batter place is by investing in nation building. You can invest in National Savings Certificate (NSC), which benefits both the country as well as the investors. It is an extremely secure investment of your hard-earned money, which also comes with tax advantages. Besides this, If you are interested in doing something for our troops then you can donate a small part of your income to the National defence Fund and other such organizations that work for the welfare of the soldiers and Indian defence forces.

Educate Your Children : Education is one of the most powerful tools for development of a nation. With a little contribution and support from you, India can become a better place to live. You can contribute a small part of your income in educating a poor child. If everyone steps up, there will be no illiteracy in our country. It will help in creating a better future of the country as these young kids are the future of our nation.

Raise your Voice against Corruption : Corruption is like a cancer that is killing the nation slowly just like cancer kills a human being. You should neither take bribe nor should give bribe to get work done. Instead, every individual should raise their voice against corruption. Most people are seen bribing the traffic police and not paying the fine. We even pay extra money to people for getting our work done with ease. There are several levels of corruption in our country but, it is our duty to raise voice against corruption and put an end to it. You should stop bribing the cops and pay the fine, which goes to the national fund that is utilized for the betterment of the country.

Use your right to vote : A single vote is capable of changing the future of the country. Voting is a right that has been conferred on every Indian, who are 18 years and above. This right allows you to choose your leaders and by casting your vote, you can choose a good leader for the country, which is necessary for its development. Many people do not cast their vote owing to the corrupt politicians. However, it is the power given to you to choose the right person, who is capable of leading the nation. Do use your voting power to bring about changes in the country.

Stop Littering : It is important that you understand the importance of cleanliness. To keep away diseases and infections, it is essential to keep the surroundings clean. You can do that by stop throwing garbage everywhere, spitting on the roads, etc. Start throwing your garbage in the bins, this will make a significant difference and help in making the nation a better place to live. We all should support Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan to make India Clean.

Encourage Youth Participation : India is a country with a major population of youth, who are the future of the country. They are the driving force of tomorrow and are full of energy as well as potential. By guiding them in the right direction as well as by encouraging their participation in politics, social issues, we can expect to make India a better place to live.

Pay your Taxes Honestly : The tax you pay is your contribution to the country’s development. Paying your taxes honestly will help in building the nation. The Government needs fund to run the country smoothly, and this fund comes from the tax that is levied on every citizen with a minimum income level. With this money roads are built, hospitals are made; subsidies are provided to people below poverty line and overall development of the country. By paying taxes, you will be contributing in building the infrastructure of the country and indirectly help in its development.

Obey the Laws : Laws are made to maintain decorum in the society. By obeying the laws of the land, you will be able to make the country a better place. The next time when you are about to break a traffic signal just because someone else have done or drive without wearing a seatbelt, just give a thought. You are educated and know the consequences of breaking a law. Start obeying the laws to make the country a better place to live.

We all talk about violation of our fundamental rights conferred to us by the Constitution of the country, but how many of us fulfill the fundamental duties mentioned in the Constitution? It is our duty to perform the duties and responsibilities bestowed upon us if we want our nation to become a better place. These few steps can help in making our country a better place. If every Indian pledges to follow these simple steps, our country will progress and soon become a developed nation. A little effort by every citizen is required to bring changes in India.

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Let’s Make a Better India
It’s our responsibility to make our India better , People ask sometimes What improvements are needed to make a better India ? Here is the action plan for Proud Indians.

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