I am Proud to be an Indian

The primordial land of India depicts scenery of effervescent cultural heritage and spirituality. It is a land that uniquely blends all kinds of sentiments such as care for each other and odium, tranquility and combats and lot more such emotions. It is in its true sense a land of diversities where we find various languages, cultures, religions, traditions etc. India, a land of spirituality, that attracts a thousands of people form other parts of the world.

Some of the things that makes me proud to be an Indian:

The Democratic Nature of the Country

India is the world’s largest democratic country with a population of more than 1 billion. The Indian constitution confers us with the right to elect our leaders and can kick them out with election been held every five years if they fail to perform their duties well contrasting the authoritarian system which may confirm faster development but at great deal of human price. However, it is any day better to have a democratic and free government than to have a dictatorial government even if the progress is at a slower pace. Undoubtedly, India has faced a dictatorial government during the ‘70’s when Indira Gandhi was in power but it did not last for long. Every citizen is conferred with some inherent rights and is given equal status. The other wings of democracy-the judiciary, media, and the executive bodies are reasonably free and healthy to perform their duties.

A budding global economic, scientific and technological superpower

It is quite apparent that only a few is aware that India is heading towards becoming a superpower state. Another 50 years, and India will emerge as a super power. It is by now the fourth largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). PPP takes into account the level of affluence and the expenditure of livelihood of various countries and is deemed more germane than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is merely the totting up of all commodities and services created in an economy.
India has a sturdy and emergent middle class which is placed variously at between 200 and 300 million. It also has a juvenile populace (median age 25 years) with desires to fill. Both the aspects point to excellent stuffs in store. It is evident that the “middle class” as distinct in India is qualitatively diverse from the “middle class” of the flourishing West.
In terms of scientific and technological triumph, India has contributed enormously to the escalation of the Information Technology industry globally. From data processing, the Indian IT sector is heaving the cost chain to software development and afar. The remoteness amid Silicon Valley and Bangalore is plummeting. India has one of the world’s leading team of skilled scientists. It is also a considerable thespian in the Pharmaceutical industry globally and at the forefront of numerous urbanized states in the field of space and missile technology. It is the fifth nation behind Russia, the USA, Japan and China to launch a lunar mission.

Land of Natural Diversities

India is a land, where God has bestowed upon his blessings with the paramount the nature has to proffer. The land is blessed with mountains, rivers, beaches, wildlife, deserts, forests, biodiversities, minerals, crude oil, flora and fauna etc. The Country has a lot to offer from its treasure of the nature. The backwaters of Kerela, the snow caped mountains of the Himalays, the house boat of Srinagar are some of the extravaganzas India has to offer.

A culturally vivacious, assorted and generous people

India is a nation full of diversities. There are 22 official languages and more than 1600 parlance spoken around the nation. There are about 650 documented tribes that dwell in different parts of the nation. It is a matter of pride that India has been proficient of keeping its citizen united despite of the cultural diversities which is an exigent chore amid the escalating ensnare of westernization.

An expedition around India, a vivacious, assorted culture can be seen. Every state has its own culture, traditions, languages, food habits, dresses and not to miss the facial features also differ from every region. Indian people are famous for their generous nature which makes them distinct from the people of other nations. They are welcoming and unbolt their heart and abode for everyone who visits.

Indian Cuisine

Indian delicacies are loved and adored globally. Indian Cuisine consists of numerous local cuisines which traits back thousands of years. The delicacies of India are typified by the all-embracing use of a variety of Indian spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Indian cuisine is also famous for the pervasive practice of vegetarianism in Indian society. Each and every family of Indian cuisine embraces an extensive variety of dishes and catering techniques. Indian cuisine also shows a discrepancy from province to province, manifesting the speckled demographics of the culturally assorted nation. In the midst of its original Aryan and Dravidian ethnicity, whipped by the sway of visitors and raiders from Central Asia and Europe, food habits and cuisines have changed over the years. Indian Cuisine is unarguably the most exotic best food available in the world which is scrumptious, easy on the pocket and generally healthy.

Indian Armed Forces

Amid the premium organizations, Indian Armed Forces has been formed as one of the most affluent organization. While tin pot generals have daubed themselves as leaders for verve in different parts of the planet, we can be swollen with pride of our Defence forces. It is the world’s third leading footed army that encompasses more than 1.1 million men in uniform. This organization is utterly unbiased and proficient in its loom. It is also an icon of the secular character of the nation as people from all over approach collectively to build this institute.

The Indian family circle endures

Regardless of the scores of strain of globalization and westernization, the Indian family circle continues to exist, particularly in the bucolic vicinity. In the metropolis, families have become more nuclear with the younger ones moving out in quest of an enhanced verve. It is not bizarre for unmarried, earning young adults to stay with the parents. On the other hand, parents are generally anticipated to reside with their children during their sundown years. Single parenting is still scarce in the nation.

The passionate yearning for Education

Every individual in India yearns for education and wants their offspring to obtain the best quality education as per their financial strength. India has the best educational institutes like the IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology) and the IIM’s (Indian Institute of Management) that swank to meet the world’s best standards of education at a lesser expense and those who graduate from these institutions seem to cranium global organizations. Government of the nation has taken steps to make the nation literate by making primary education compulsory and also by providing free education along with mid-day meals, uniforms etc for the students. It is a verity that significance of education is acknowledged bodes well for India. Indian leads in the numbers of doctors, engineers and scientists amongst the developing countries of the nation and now plays a significant role in organizations like NASA.

The knack to recognize one’s authenticity

Indian culture has something amazing that makes a person admit his bunch. He finds it trouble-free to come to reality whilst he imagines of a improved verve for himself and his brood. It thus entails a vulnerability to revolutionize our destiny which is distinct from western thoughts. The Indian authenticity is one of desolate disparity. It is dubious that India will ever experience an upheaval like any other nation.

The Indian Women

India women are recognized as a loving wife, a doting mother, cute daughters, sweet sisters and a source of strength. It is notable that they are debonair, harmonizing her home and professional life. The commitment towards family, work and an institution like marriage distinguishes an Indian woman from the rest. It is a matter of pride that Indian woman has taken a leap in every field of work yet managing her family and children equally well. Indian women are considered as a quintessence of beauty as she inherits within herself inherits natural elegance, suppleness, poise and gorgeousness.

I am Proud to be an Indian

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Proud to be Indian

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