Constitution is the soul of Indian Democracy

This year on 26th January we will be celebrating 62 years of Indian constitution. If we take a look around all our neighbors, we will realize that most of them gained their independence in the same era as ours. We have neighbors like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar who were freed from colonial rule within a range of 2-4 years, and none of them can claim to have a continuous, true and this much widely accepted form of governance as we have in our country. The 90000 words, 395 articles, suitable features from the constitutions of U.K, U.S.A, Canada, Ireland not just make it the world’s largest but also the most extensively researched constitution of India. The wide variety of cultures and traditions in India can only be bound by a constitution which along with giving respect to all, also takes care of the differences and makes all of them stand on an equal ground. It’s the constitution which gave voting rights to all even before the USA thus ensuring equal rights and representation for all the classes of society. We were pioneers in many ways and have shown the path of democracy to more than 1 billion people.

Parliament of India

The time frame when India gained its independence was having a world divided into two parts and cold war between USA and USSR has just begun. For a country which has just gained its independence it was very tough to survive in that situation where a war can break out any day and countries were forced to take sides, thus defining their trade, defense, social and economic priorities. That was a time when a country has to be either a capitalist or a socialist, and by virtue of our constitution we chose to have a controlled form of socialist as well as capitalist form of economy. The policy of Non-Alignment was also an extension of that only which made India the leader of 3rd world countries and paved a way of non-conflict for the nations who cannot afford to take sides. We also faced some troublesome times in mid-seventies when a national emergency was declared, although it’s said to be the most darkest hour for our democracy, it actually helped to strengthen the roots of democracy deeper into our system and sent a warning to all those who thought of taking any advantage of the system ever.

None of the countries, with size as big as ours, has sustained the kind of perfect functioning and efficiency in governance as we do. The unflawed track record of 62 years has strengthen our belief in the system, and system’s flexibility via openness to accept changes in it by the means of amendments in constitution has given us confidence to redefine rules as per the advancements of technology and change in mindset of people. Growth trajectory of India is said to be on most definitive path amongst the leading countries of the world because of political stability and people’s belief in our constitution and political stability. It’s the “Bharat BhagyaVidhata” whom we all owe our success, growth, development and rule of law which make India as the country which is it today.

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