Top Signs of Diabetes in Children

Thanks to the food habits amongst today’s children, as many as 33 % of the children across the world are known to be suffering from diabetes. This deadly disease is enough to rob them off their treasured childhood. The worst factor being that most parents are not even aware of the fact that their child is suffering from any kind of ailments. Here are a few important top signs of diabetes in children that will help to make their parents sit up and take note of the same.

  • Kids with diabetes are known to be extremely lazy and tired. There is a deep sense of lethargy in them and they always complain of being extremely tired and drained out.
  • Most kids complain to frequent urination and an unquenchable thirst for water. They constantly complain of dry throat that makes them sip water throughout the day.
  • Kids often feel a sudden increase in food intake that results in unusual weight gain. Parents are happy that their child is eating. Little do they realize that the intake of fast food will actually make their condition far worse?
  • Many children with diabetic conditions complain of blurred or weak vision.
  • Another major indication of diabetes amongst children is that they complain of a fruity breath.

These are a few of the top signs of diabetes in children. Parents need to be cautious about the same and ensure that the moment they see such kinds of symptoms, the child is rushed to a doctor who can do proper testing and conclude what exactly is the condition and type of diabetes in the child. Thanks to medical advancement, it is not a major concern anymore. There are various kinds of medications, which will actually help to improve the health condition in children.

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