Top 5 Herbs to Treat Depression

Depression is one of the most prevalent psychological disorders that we humans face today. Depression can be challenging to deal with because it is associated with nervous system which is quite complicated in a way.  Though there are many allopathic treatments for depression, herbal remedies to treat depression can be promising without many side effects as seen in the conventional medicines.


If you are looking out for some herbal remedies to cure depression you can find them here. Though these don’t give out results as the conventional medicines do, these do help in curing the depression on a long term basis. Here is the list of top herbs to treat depression:


  • Soybean: These are really good source of 5 hydroxytryptophan which aids in production of serotonin. This chemical, serotonin is responsible to affect your moods in a good way. So usually when you are under depression, the levels of serotonin come down for some reason. But taking soy can boost the levels of serotonin which improves your mood and helps you get rid of depression.


  • Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis): It is just like mint but it’s got the flavor its own. It is a great stress buster as its fragrance gives a soothing effect on application. This can be inhaled too by mixing it in steaming water and then slowly taking in the vapors before you just turn in.


  • Chamomile: This is an excellent herb with anxiolytic activity (Anti-anxiety). It also have good amount of diuretic activity which helps in cleaning your kidneys. Since it is sedative in nature, it calms down the person and helps in getting sleep which can also be used in people suffering from insomnia. Chamomile tea can be made and drunk to get all its benefits. Usually it should be taken during the nights before you go to bed so that you can get a good sleep.


  • Cacao (Chocolate): Chocolate is one of the most craved foods and it has also got loads of health benefits. Chocolate helps in improving cognitive functions which can reduce the depression. Since chocolate is rich in tryptophan it can help in boosting the levels of serotonin. So there are good chances that chocolate helps in curing depression to an extent.


  • Basil: It has very good culinary uses but besides this, it has important health benefits too. It is a potent mood enhancer which means that it can help in treating depression too. Basil can be used in various dishes so apart from serving the culinary uses; it also helps in limiting your emotions and improves your mood.
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