Top 5 Future Foods

Future Food refers to the alternatives for non-vegetarian food. The future food is also referred as “Meat without involving animals” and involves finding out possible foods which are not actually made with livestock but can replace animal products.  Many researches have been done to find out the alternative food options. The main idea behind developing future food is to reduce or stop the killing of animals and livestock for food and ultimately stop suffering of animals.  Many alternatives and aspects have been suggested and researched for future food.  Some of the future foods and their related aspects are:-

1). Vegetarian Meats:
The idea is to replaced animal meat with vegetarian meat.  As it is realized by some researchers that killing of meat should be stopped, and we should rather grow it. The introduction of vegetarian meat will be cheaper and healthier than animal meat. With its introduction in the market, there will be less animal sufferings and epidemics.Top 5 Future Foods

2). Replacement of Eggs:
Researchers are finding out a way out of the harsh treatment of hens to hatch eggs. They will soon find a solution to produce vegetarian or artificial eggs. The manufacturing or production process will be more hygienic, animal and Eco-friendly.

3). Substitutes for Egg Products:
Egg products like egg yolk and egg white are used in making powders for preparing dishes like mayonnaise, pasta, baking cakes, etc. It is sensible enough to replace these egg powders with other ingredients and substitutes.

4). Introduction of Alternatives for Milk Drinks and Dairies:
Artificial milk drinks and dairy products could be manufactured which will serve as a substitute for actual milk products. This is also a good alternate for lactose intolerant people, and could improve the levels of nutrients in them.

5). Non-animal Based Boiled Eggs, Egg White Powder and Yolks:
There are substitutes to be developed for traditional boiled egg breakfast without the involvement of actually laying hens. This procedure, with the help of modern technology, could produce better sized and tasted eggs. These eggs would be produced faster, and would be rich in nutrients than the normal eggs.

Author-Krishna Bora

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