Top 5 Fruits Good For Skin

There are so many cosmetic products out there available in every nook and corner of a market, so many of them we use daily to get a beautiful skin. We spend bags of money to get the results which should appear but they don’t! The question arises what to do and the answer is very simple, just take the natural way!

Fruits can be one very good option for a good skin. They will be cheaper and give many more benefits. Here are the top five fruits which can prove best for your skin:-

Banana- It’s a fruit which is a very good source of iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, B & E and also a source of anti-oxidants. These properties make banana work wonders on your skin. It can help in healing cracked skin. So if you have cracked feet which many people do, this fruit can help in softening them. Also it helps in maintaining elasticity of skin & as it has 75% water it hydrates the skin and makes it glow. The banana peel which we never consider useful can help reduce acne by direct application! Also it can be used for treating itchiness, swollen skin and wrinkles.

Just mashing a banana and applying directly on skin and leaving for 10-15 minutes is more than enough to make the face glow. One can also try mixing honey, oats, oils or milk.

Tomato: There’s one small fact we don’t know about tomatoes- that it’s a fruit and not a vegetable. And this fruit can prove to be quite good for the skin. Tomato has an antioxidant called lycopene which means that tomatoes can work as good internal sunscreens giving protection against the harmful ultraviolet radiations. Also the richness in lycopene makes tomato fight the signs of ageing and fighting cancer! Tomatoes can be used for acne treatment, reducing blemishes and blackheads, as astringent and also for healing burns. They can be helpful in removing tanning and making the skin tone even.

Tomatoes can be applied directly on skin after mashing. The best use of tomatoes is to remove skin tanning. For this purpose, in tomato juice, add little cucumber and lemon juice. Apply this on affected areas and wash after 10-15 minutes.

Papaya: This delicious pulpy orange coloured fruit has so many benefits and when it’s about the skin, it ranks quite high. It’s a rich source of vitamin A, folate, pantothenic acid, antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes, vitamin C and flavonoids and also minerals like potassium and magnesium. Papaya contains a special enzyme called papain which can kill dead cells and cure skin impurities. Regular consumption of papaya has been provides long lasting glow to the skin. Papaya is quite useful for having a healthy stomach which means you automatically have a healthy skin. It can also be used for reducing the thinning of hair and helps the skin get rid of toxins.
Papaya can be used in various ways; the best would be direct consumption on a daily basis. It can be mashed and directly applied on skin. Also the peel can be used by massaging the skin with it. Mixing honey and olive oil in mashed papaya can make it a good body scrub.

Apples: We all are aware of the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Ever wondered why? Because it contains a high amount of vitamins? The answer is no; it’s because it’s a fruit (especially the peel) very rich in anti oxidants like polyphenols, flavonoids, vitamin C, procyanidins, quercetin etc. Along with the anti oxidants they are very rich in fiber but remember, always consume with the peel!  Being storehouse of anti oxidants makes it important in fighting the fatal disease cancer, helping in the re-building of cells and their rejuvenation. Consumption of apples helps in building the natural glow of skin, making it elastic and preventing ageing. Apples help in acne removal and not only this they actually naturally whiten your complexion! Apples can be used for removal of wrinkles and dark circles.

Direct consumption and application as mask can be the broad aspects of how to make apples work for your skin. Apple juice mixed with honey can be applied on face for rejuvenating the facial skin.

Avocados: A wholesome fruit has various health benefits and is also quite beneficial for the skin. It helps in the absorption of nutrients which is a very important role played by it as until and unless nutrients are absorbed, nothing will prove to be healthy for skin. Also avocadoes are rich in vitamin A which makes them help in removing dead skin cells from the body. It also contains the anti oxidant vitamin E which helps in reducing sun burns and the presence of glutamine helps in the natural cleansing of skin.

Avocado used as face mask will also help in reducing wrinkles. Just mash and apply directly! Avocado oil is widely used as natural sunscreen.

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