Tips to Gain Weight

Most of the people around the world look out for weight loss because they suffer from overweight condition. But there are quite a many people who are lean and skinny who would want to gain weight. The reasons for underweight could be anything, for instance there could be some medical condition like malnutrition, or sometimes it could be that a person is taking lesser calories than what are actually required for a day.


Firstly you should check with a doctor if you are suffering with a medical condition. If medical condition is not the underlying cause for you being underweight, you can go for simple tips on how to gain weight. Here are few basic and simple tips which you can follow to gain weight:


  • Check your body type: Weight gain can be easy if you are not suffering from a genetic condition where the person does not add fat to the body and rather remains skinny. In such people only muscles can be added as body mass. So in order to gain weight, you should eat more proteins and perform regular exercises.


  • Take the right diet: Taking the right diet is important for adequate weight gain. For this he/she may consult a dietician to choose the right diet program which suits your body. Make sure you stick to the diet program well; else things wouldn’t work out as planned.


  • Keep a track on the calories: Make sure you take excess of calories than what is needed for your daily physical activity. You might use calorie calculator to calculate the calories required daily and calories generated with the diet you take in.

  • Take nutrient rich food: It is imperative that you take food rich in nutrients and maintain a healthy diet for growth. You might also take mineral and vitamin supplements to improve the quality of your diet intake. Eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables and more protein sources such as nuts, pulses, egg, etc.

  • Go for energy-dense foods: Eating calorie dense foods such as Cheese, Peanut butter, avocados, dry fruits, meat, etc would help you add in more calories to your diet. You may add butter, and cheese to your regular diet to give a boost to the existing calories you are taking in.

  • Choose what you drink: Avoid drinking zero calorie drinks such as sodas, soft drinks, tea or coffee. Go for nutritious drinks such as Fruit juices, Milk shakes, Vegetable soups, Chicken soups, Boiled meat broth, Casseroles etc.

  • Have Sweets and Chocolates: Eating a chocolate bar everyday would add in extra calories to your diet. Go for nut chocolates as they provide more calories than the usual chocolate bars. Eat sweets such as muffins, deserts, fruit pies, which provide a lot of calories.

  • Do the right exercise: Blindly doing exercise would not help you gain weight. Avoid doing any aerobic exercises such as running or walking because this only burns your calories and does not build any muscles. Instead go for resistance exercises such as weight lifting where you can actually build muscle mass and have adequate weight gain.

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