Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat

Most of the men and women suffer with obesity or some even have excess fat in their bodies which distorts their appearance. In men it is common that this excess fat gets deposited in the abdominal region which leads to a condition called Pot belly, or abdominal belly, or which is aka Belly fat. Though fat is accumulated in regions other than stomach too, but the stomach fat gives the person an ugly look. And that is why most of people would first want to get rid of belly fat.


What can be the causes of belly fat?


There are various reasons for the causes of belly fat; but mostly it is due to excess consumption of calories which lead to accumulation of fat in the abdominal region. However there are other reasons as well, such as the Cushing’s syndrome where the cortisol (a hormone) levels increase resulting in belly fat, and due to hereditary effect. Leading a sedentary lifestyle without much physical exercise could deteriorate the conditions further. Even bad eating habits contribute to the cause for belly fat.


How to Lose belly fat?

Many people would want to lose belly fat quickly and so they look out for quicker ways. But there are no magical ways through which you can achieve a fast belly fat loss. For an effective belly fat loss, you would need to follow more that just stomach exercises or diet control. Here are some of the interesting and simple tips which you can follow to lose belly fat:


  • Firstly, you should plan an effective diet program lose belly fat. For this all you need to do is cull out the bad food from your daily diet. The bad food may include the carbohydrates and fat containing items. Not all carbohydrates are unhealthy, but the simple carbohydrates are to be avoided because they just add up calories without causing much metabolism to take place.
  • Add more proteins, fruits and vegetables to your diet. This would reduce the number of calories you take in and also make you feel satiable. The other benefit of this would be that fruits and vegetables add fiber to your diet which has its own health benefits. Proteins add muscle mass to your body instead of fat. Proteins also increase metabolism which inturn increase the energy consumption which is a good thing for your fat burning process.
  • Drink plenty of water and fruit juices. Water is the best drink as it helps in burning fat in your body. Water also makes you feel satiable and so you would reduce your diet intake. Moreover water contains zero calories and you get your belly filled up for just zero calories which is just great for your fat loss program.
  • Next thing which you need to concentrate on is exercise. Doing the right exercise is important to lose belly fat effectively. Concentrating on just ab exercises wouldn’t help you out. For a perfect belly fat loss, you will need a combination of cardio exercises and ab exercises (crunches). Cardio exercises would boost the overall fat burning process and after a considerable amount of fat has been burned you can move on to the crunches to burn belly fat and get yourself a flat stomach.



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