Smoking among Women in India

Smoking among women is increasing in India and even the third edition of the Tobacco Atlas released in Dublin by the American Cancer Society and World Lung Foundation says that more women in India are turning smokers and oral users of tobacco. India ranks third in the World for highest number of female tobacco users. It has been estimated that abut 11.9 million women consumes tobacco in India, of which 5.4 million women indulge in smoking. A study says that about 18% women in India indulge in smoking and women smoker wisps more cigarettes than men. However, consumption of tobacco in any form is injurious to health.

Negative effects of smoking in women

  1. Smoking is one of the prominent causes of cancer of lung, mouth, voice box, throat,kidney, esophagus, pancreas, bladder, cervical, etc. and smokers are at about 80% risk of being a victim of cancer.
  2. Female smokers are more prone to osteoporosis. It is a disease where bones become fragile as well as weak and are likely to fracture even with a very minor injury. The condition is horrifying for the reason that it decreases the bone density and it is extremely painful.
  3. Smoking among women leads to infertility. It is a medically proved fact and it affects the fertility of as the toxins in the cigarette smoke kills the eggs while they are in the ovaries. Smoking especially during pregnancy should be avoided as it will be like risking the life of the unborn baby and it can cause complications during delivery, which include delivering a pre-mature baby, damages child’s growth and intellectual development, etc.
  4. Smoking leads to more breathing difficulties in women than in men. It has been medically proven that consumption of tobacco in any form leads to respiratory problems.
  5. A woman, who smokes attains menopause earlier than non-smoker and this is not a good symptom as it can have adverse affect on the health.
  6. Smoking women suffers from menstrual problems such as absence of periods, abnormal bleeding, and vaginal infections or discharges.
  7. Smoking also affects the skin of women and pre-mature aging of skin is witnessed among smoking women. The reason behind is lack of sufficient oxygen as it gets replaced by carbon monoxide.

Benefits of giving up smoking

  1. Giving up smoking is a hard job for both men and women who have been smoking for years but one should try giving up smoking for its benefits. Benefits of giving up smoking are:
  2. Younger looking skin: By giving up smoking you will have younger looking as it slows down ageing of the skin and makes it glow. The skin of a non-smoker gets more nourishment, as well as oxygen, and can repeal the pale, lined facial appearance that are usually seen among smokers.
  3. Improves fertility: Non-smokers have better fertility than smokers so giving up smoking can improve the fertility as it improves the lining of the womb as well as improves the quality of egg and the new one is generally born healthy.
  4. Enhances smell and taste: By giving up smoking you can improve your sense of smell and enhance your taste buds, which is damaged by the toxic chemicals in the body, present due to smoking.
  5. Gives more energy: Smoking takes away around 5 mins of our lives with every cigarette and lessens the energy of our body. Giving up smoking will help you save your energy and you will be more fit than before.
  6. Decreases the risk of cancer: Giving up smoking will reduce the risk of cancer of lungs mouth, larynx (voice box), pharynx (throat), esophagus, kidney, pancreas, cervical, and bladder. Studies have proved that it reduces the risk by 50% of that of a smoker.
     Decreases the risk of coronary heart disease: Giving up smoking reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by half. It improves the cardio-vascular function of the heart and improves the respiratory problem that is faced by the smokers.

Giving up smoking depends on the will power of the person and women should understand its after-effects and give up smoking. However, Government should run various campaigns of anti-smoking so that women understand the harm of smoking as well as consumption of tobacco. Government should make stern laws against smoking and should be implemented properly. Moreover, the price of cigarettes should be increased as well as pictorial warring of affects of smoking should be given on the packets of cigarettes.

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