Know the Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Being a cancer it starts off with a cell which goes on dividing continuously without any halt. Therefore it takes time to detect any of the symptoms of breast cancer. Usually the symptoms vary from woman to woman and in some there are no symptoms at all. In usual cases it is a lump or swelling which may develop but that could be too small to feel. The lumps which are cancerous are usually hard and painless, but in certain cases even soft and painful lumps turn out to be cancerous. You should consider getting a mammogram for your breasts because it can detect the cancer even before the lumps develop.


An early detection of breast cancer is always the best way to protect your breast health from worsening therefore; performing a Breast Self Exam (BSE) regularly could help you stay familiar with the changes your breast undergoes. Here is the list of symptoms of breast cancer that may indicate of you having a breast cancer:


  • Swelling of the breast or a region of breast.


  • Irritation or Itching of breast skin.


  • Dimpled breast skin.


  • Breast pain.


  • Nipple pain.


  • Nipple turning inward.


  • Redness of the breast or nipple.


  • Thickening of breast or nipple skin.


  • Nipple discharges (not milk).


  • Swelling or a lump in the armpit.


But these changes or symptoms does not imply that you are suffering with a serious or cancerous condition. These could also be the symptoms of a less severe benign breast cancer which can be surgically removed. Therefore it is important to know the difference and find out which condition are you really suffering from. For this it is advisable that you visit a doctor or a health professional and undergo a Clinical Breast Exam (CBE).

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