How to Deal with Depression without Medication

It is not uncommon if you are one amongst the people suffering from depression. Though it is not a significant cause of fatalities, it degrades the quality of life to a large extent. There are many therapies to treat depression; the usual ones are chemotherapy and cognitive therapy which most of the people undergo. Apart from these therapies there are little things which you could do from your end to deal with depression without medication. Below are some of the ways which you could follow to improve your life and manage the treatment better:


Avoid stress: Minimizing stress as much as possible is the best way to deal with depression. Avoid any unwanted stress that could come into your way as stress would only worsen your condition. Follow stress management tactics to avoid and minimize the unavoidable stress. This would ease the process of treatment you are undergoing.


Talk to your therapist: Talking to a therapist and a friend are two different things. A therapist would understand your psychological state better than your friend and therefore you should gush out all your emotions, feelings and issues to help your therapist know you even better. A therapist would always suggest you the best possible ways to tackle the situation you are going through. Apart from the suggestions, a therapist would boost your self esteem and motivate you towards positive thinking.


Stick to positive thinking: During the depressive state, you tend to get negative thoughts and changing your mindset towards positive thinking could help you deal with depression in a big way. Positive thinking boosts the morale, improves mental health and keeps your hormonal levels in balance. Having positive mindset would also help you perform better in your daily life.


Keep yourself involved: Staying idle could make you spiral down towards the deeper end of depression. Get your self involved in social activities as this would prevent you from getting isolated from your relatives and other social connections. You could possibly go out for movies, evening strolls, or just visit any of your close friends. And when you don’t have anyone around to spend time with, you could do a little writing/drawing/painting/watching movies (humor).


Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Lifestyle has a variety of implications on our physical and mental health. Moving towards a healthy lifestyle could bring a positive impact in your mental health. Food, exercise, sleep are the three important factors which you need to take care of in order to improve your lifestyle. Try the foods which improves the mood and these could include fresh fruits, vegetables and foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids (salmons). Exercise daily to keep yourself healthy and fit.


Following the above tips would not only add color and vigor to your life but also help you regain control over it. Depression has become a common phenomenon in the urban places and it should not be a cause of worry as with above tips you can make your life wonderful.

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