How Proteins help achieve Effective Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose weight by changing your diet program in a simple way, eating more proteins in your diet would surely help you out. Proteins are the building blocks of life which can be found in food we consume in day to day life. Our muscles and body tissues are made up of proteins and these are also used up during the repair of tissue damage or tissue growth.


Proteins are made up of large number of smaller units called the Amino acids. Basically there are 20 amino acids which are categorized into Essential and Non-essential depending on their availability in our body. The essential ones are not available in our body and we need them from external diet, hence the name essential amino acids. The proteins on the other hand are categorized as Complete Proteins (Which have all of the 9 essential amino acids) and Incomplete Proteins (Which lack the essential amino acids). Proteins which come from animal sources such as Milk, Eggs and the Meat are Complete in nature.


The proteins from plant sources are incomplete in nature but they can be combined with other animal proteins such as cheese and butter to turn them complete. If you want to go for effective weight loss by turning proteins into your meal, you must make sure you consume only the complete proteins.


Proteins help in building muscle mass and also trigger the fat burning mechanisms in your body. This is achieved as body consumes more energy to metabolize proteins by nicking them into their amino acids. So eating proteins would burn out your fat to get that energy for their metabolism. Secondly proteins also help in minimizing the huger and makes you feel satiated early than usual, thus consuming proteins becomes an effective tool in achieving weight loss.

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