How can Chewing More help you Lose Weight?

If you are really looking out to reduce some weight by changing your lifestyle, there are few things which you may consider. Weight loss can be achieved by various means and methods but then you may have to put in efforts and extra time for those activities. Scientists recently have found out from studies that chewing more can help you lose weight to an extent.


There are scientific reasons underlying the cause, but basically, the findings suggest that chewing food to about 40 times instead of 5-10 times causes intake of fewer calories. Chewing more has additional benefits too apart from just the weight loss. Here are some of them:


  • Chewing helps you to grind food well which aids in good digestion.
  • Chewing more causes extra release of saliva which initiates the digestion process and lubricates the food.
  • Extra chewing helps keep your gums and teeth strong.
  • You do some extra work while chewing more, so you burn extra calories.


So coming back to the chewing more and weight loss, scientists suggest that the hormonal levels of Ghrelin (a hormone that stimulates appetite) and Cholecystokinin (a hormone that reduces appetite) are influenced to an extent by extra chewing. So when you chew more, the levels of Ghrelin reduce and the levels of Cholecystokinin (CCK) increase which makes you eat less during the process.


Chewing more also consumes extra time, which means you will have to chew the food for longer period and hence you would eat less. So on the whole the number of calories you take gets reduced considerably and hence this enables you to achieve weight loss. This is very much a simple way to lose weight which only takes a few extra jaw movements while you eat. While one can feel this very much odd during the initial stages as chewing 40 times can be difficult and awful, but this has its own benefits.

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