Health issues in India

India has become a potential health service provider in the world since its Independence. The finest medical education system and high class medical facilities make India one of the world leaders in the field of healthcare. Inspite of having quality skilled medical professionals and services, the accessibility of these services in all the parts of the country still remain a question. The rural areas are the ones which are primarily hit by the inaccessibility of proper healthcare services which is the reason why these areas have become an active hub for various health diseases. There are other issues of infrastructure sanitation as well which culminate to bring about a deep impact in the rural society of India. Let us take a brief outlook of few of the health issues which need to be addressed at the earliest.

Health Issues in India


HIV/AIDS : Control of AIDS posses a daunting challenge in a country like India where the population is astronomical. It is estimated that there are over 2.4 million people in India currently living with HIV. Lack of right information on the disease is one of the plausible reasons why it has become widespread in the country. Education on AIDS prevention could help in improving the situation but there are certain hurdles which need to be passed over. Different languages and dialects in different areas of India is one of them. Efforts should be made to break the taboo that has curtails the condom usage which is one of the effective ways to prevent AIDS.

MALNUTRITION : This is also one of the serious health issues which need to be looked into. Around 43% of the children in India are malnourished which is an astounding figure compared to that of China (7%) and Sub-Saharan Africa (23%). To tackle this health issue many programs like Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) and Mid-Day Meal Scheme have been initiated. However the parameters like efficiency and coverage still remain a challenge to such programs because the malnutrition still prevails without much improvement.

PREMATURE DEATHS : Premature deaths in India are on the high rise and remain an issue of serious concern. According to WHO, the cases of premature deaths are more in number caused by non-communicable diseases such as congenital heart disease, chronic respiratory problem and cancer. Four major causes of such deaths are cited and these include alcohol abuse, excessive tobacco use, unhealthy diet, and sedentary lifestyle. People in India, especially the women are ought to be more educated on this issue which still need to be addressed.

NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASES : Lymphatic filariasis, Leprosy, Rabies, Dengue, and Visceral leishmaniasis (Kala-azar) are amongst the list of neglected tropical diseases (NTD) which are rampant in India. Though Malaria and Tuberculosis cause more deaths than the NTDs, they have been under the priority list of the health authorities. Recently WHO has highlighted the need to control these NTDs which usually go unnoticed and are becoming a major cause of health issues in India. Transmission control along with appropriate chemotherapy is one of the best preventive measures which can be taken up against these diseases to prevent their spread. People should be educated regarding each disease’s mode of transmission and ways to prevent infections.

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