Best Ways to Detox your Body Naturally

We live in a world where we are continuously exposed to profuse amounts of chemicals and toxic materials. We may take them knowingly or unknowingly into our bodies from the air, water, food, and sometimes via our hands.


Though our body is equipped with immune system to fight back these invading chemicals and toxic materials, sometimes they become overloaded in our body and so it becomes difficult for our body’s immune system to tackle them.


So you can opt to detox your body naturally at home, but these methods are only for home remedies which you can follow in your day to day life and are not a replacement to the conventional medicine. Here are some of the best ways to detox your body naturally:


1. Fasting: A 2-5 days fast can help you cleanse your body internally. Usually when a person fasts, the internal tissues heal and purge out the toxins thus detoxifying the body. During the fast, you should refrain from eating any solid food and completely stay on liquids such as fruit juices, vegetable broths and herbal juices. Avoid drinking Tea, Coffee, or Alcohol as these may hinder the process of detoxification.


2. Drink plenty of Water: Increase your daily water intake to almost double because water helps to flush out the toxins in your body. During the flushing out of toxins from internal organs you may face side effects such as headaches or even nauseating feeling but this would be only for a short period.

3. Use of Cleansing Herbs: There are various Cleansing herbs available in the market which can be used to detox your body. These do not have any side effects but should be taken in proper dosing.  Here are few of the herbs which can be used to cleanse your body:


  • Cascara sagrada: Cascara is a herb which has purgative action and promotes cleansing of gut. This can be taken just before you go to bed after your night time meals.
  • Dandelion: The roots of dandelion can help to cleanse your gall bladder and liver which is the major site of detoxification.
  • Neem: This is a natural herb which is little bitter but is a potent detoxifying agent and a blood purifier. It also reduces the acne and pimples on face. It can be taken by boiling the neem leaves in water and drinking the concoction.
  • Psyllium Seeds: These seeds are a potent laxative and promote easy bowel movements. These seeds help in mopping your internal gut wall and detoxify your body.
  • Milk Thistle: This is an herb that would help you cleanse your liver and also promote protein synthesis in your liver which aids in healing of damaged liver tissue.
  • Aloe vera: This has both internal and external uses, when taken internally it can serve the purpose of a laxative. It also acts as emollient which helps to sooth the damaged tissues and heals them.


4. Taking Fruits: Fruits are the best option to keep your satiety satisfied and at the same time these also help in detoxifying your body. Some of the fruits like Pomegranate, Lemon, Orange, and Apples have potent anti-oxidant properties which help to detoxify your body. Drinking Lemon juice diluted with water would also help you a lot in cleansing the body.


5. Manage stress: Having a relaxed and de-stressed mind would help you to reduce build up of toxins in body. Practicing Breathing Exercises and Meditation or even Yoga can help you achieve a mental stability and a peaceful mind. The following breathing exercise can be performed to manage your stress:


  • Make sure you sit comfortably in an open environment with greenery and silence around you.
  • Slowly inhale air in a time period of 3-5 seconds and exhale the same air out in double the time period.
  • Practice the above steps about 20-25 times and this would surely help to reduce the stress.


On the whole if you have a healthy eating habit such as consumption of wholegrain, fruits, leafy vegetables, and also practice meditation and exercises regularly, your body would have less build up of toxins.

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