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The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is caused by a virus called HIV (Human Immune Deficiency Virus). It is has become a major concern for not only India but for the World. It was first detected in USA in the year 1981 and in India it was identified 5 years later in May 1986. It is a state in which the immune system of the body is destroyed completely. This is a gradual process and eventually leads to total weakening of a significant cell component of the immune mechanism and a person affect with HIV cannot even fight against mild infections as the immune system of the body is weakened. AIDS is the last stage of an HIV infected person when he finally dies.


HIV/AIDS have spread in India and is maximum in the states, of Manipur stands first followed by Maharashtra and thirdly TamilNadu. However, studies have shown that it is increasing at a very fast pace that a new person is affected in every 50 seconds. It is not confined to people of particular sex or religion or region. It is seen that even children are being affected with the HIV virus. Studies have shown that the incidence of HIV/AIDS is low as compared to other nations and is just 0.34% but India ranks the 3rd in terms of individuals who are affected. The huge majority of HIV infection occurs in India through sexual transmission, which is estimated to be about 85.6%. It has also been stated that about 5% of the infections are caused because of parent-to-child transmission. About 40% of the total population of infected people of the country constitutes women.

Causes of HIV

HIV infectious is not easily transmitted through the environment such as air, water, food etc and thus it is not a communicable disease. Nevertheless the main causes of HIV are:
1. The foremost cause of HIV is sexual contact. It spreads easily through semen or vaginal fluid from one infected person to the other. The persons who have sexual relations with more than one person are at a high risk of being infected with HIV virus. The main means of transmission of it is unprotected sex and is commonly found among the sex workers.

2. Sharing the same needle with another person as the other person may be infected with HIV. It is more commonly seen among drug abusers who inject drugs with the same needle or using the same syringe.

3. Blood is also among the foremost transmitter of HIV virus. It can be spread through blood transfusion and is among the common factors that causes HIV.

4. Breastfeeding of a mother, who is HIV infected. Through this, the child is infected with HIV. It is also commonly seen that the baby in the womb whose mother is HIV infected has a high risk of being HIV positive.

5. It can even spread through organ transplantation. If the person, who donates an organ, is infected with HIV, the other person is sure to be infected with it.

Preventive measures for HIV/AIDS

It is essential to follow the four P’s in order to prevent the fatal infection of HIV spreading. These include:
1. Preventing HIV infection among youths.
2. Providing proper protection to children affected by HIV along with their families.
3. Preventing transmission of the HIV infection from the mother to the child.
4. Preventing accidental pregnancy among women infected with the HIV virus.

These are the major causes through which HIV is transmitted and some of the preventive measures which are effective in preventing AIDS. Today there are vaccines to prevent from being infected with HIV virus but there is still no treatment to cure the ones who are affected with the HIV virus. The life of a person who is infected by HIV is about 10 to 15 years if the person follows proper medical treatment but once it transforms into AIDS, there is no chance of survival as it is the last stage, when the whole body gets infected with the virus and the cells are dead. However, this issue in India is being addressed by Government quite efficiently. Many NGO’s are working towards creating awareness among the people and educating people about HIV/AIDS in India. It can be dealt with the collective effort of common people, NGOs, media and Government. However, it is important to run awareness programs regarding the cause of ADIS and its effects. NACO, a Government run organization is running several awareness programs to put an end to HIV/AIDS in India.

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